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Coming Home

 Chapter 9


After releasing Cam, he had gone and brought back a fresh whiskey and Coke, though this one was much milder than the original one. Jessie had only taken a couple of sips before he approached her once more, cuffs in hand.

"Ready to try this again?"

Biting her lip, she nonetheless set the glass down and obediently held out her wrists. The smile he gave her sent shivers up her spine.

"Good girl." He stepped much closer than necessary to fasten the cuffs, so close that she could feel the warmth radiating from his body. It took him just a few seconds to accomplish his task. He then gently maneuvered her wrists behind her back, hooking the clasps together. "Now, back to the part about hell freezing over," he said with an evil chuckle.

Arching an eyebrow, she gave him a look, momentarily forgetting the predicament she was presently in.

Cam grinned before saying, "I believe we were discussing your deceased husband, my lady." Reaching out, he lightly touched her shoulder, stroking his fingertips over the soft skin. "Do you miss it?"

Jessie frowned. He had said it, not him. "Excuse me?"

"Do you miss it?" Bending down until his lips were next to her ear, he whispered, "A man’s touch, I mean?" Dragging his fingers along the edge of the lace, he brushed them oh so slowly over the swell of her breast, watching her nipples harden in response. "Hmmm." Still whispering in her ear, he asked, "Do you miss feeling a man’s hands on your body, his mouth, teasing you until you cry out?" He brought his hands down to her waist, which was cinched in to the point he could almost span it with his hands. "Do you miss wrapping your legs around his waist, feeling your body open up as he pushes inside you, stretching you to your limits, and then having him go just a little deeper, making you take that much more?"

Son of a bitch. His voice, his words alone were enough to seduce her. She tried to ignore her body’s response, but that was fast becoming a moot point.

Stroking his hand down her back, he slowed until he was cupping her ass. "Tell me, Jessica, in the two weeks that he knew you intimately, did he take your second maidenhead?" It took a few seconds before what he was asking registered, and when it did he felt her whole body stiffen. Going by the intensity of that reaction, he broke character just for a moment.

"Relax, Watson. It’s okay—I know." He moved his hand over her buttocks in a gentle caress. "This isn’t something for me to take. This is something for you to give, if you choose to. That’s not going to happen tonight." He nudged her nose with his own. "I’m just talking, okay?"

Jessie swallowed hard, but nodded her head.

"No, my lord," she whispered, "he…he did not take me in that fashion."

Cam cradled her head in his hand. "Then the man was a fool. I know I’ll take great pleasure in showing you how good that particular path can feel. But, first things first." Cam ran his fingers over her neck. "Gotta mark you properly since I’ve laid claim to you." Slipping his fingers beneath the hair sticks, he leaned in and nuzzled her neck. Choosing his spot, he added, "Besides, turnabout is fair play, right?" Aiming a bit lower on her neck Cam bit down, drawing firmly on the sensitive skin. He heard her breath hiss between her teeth, but he didn’t release her. Reaching around, he cupped her ass with his hands, massaging gently in time with his sucking, forcing her divide her attention between the two.

I’m not gonna beg; I’m not gonna beg,’ was the mantra she kept running through her head, though she knew she was fighting a losing battle.

When Cam parted the layers of her skirt by accident and his fingers brushed her bare ass, he froze.

And then he growled.

A whimper escaped Jessie before she could stop it. Stroking that sensitive spot where the bottom of the hip meets the thigh, he grinned against her neck. "Yep," he whispered, "a norther’s blowin’ into hell tonight."



While Cam and Jessie were presently occupied with each other, Kinsey sat in the office at his home, leafing through the classified documents about the Destroyer of Armies while he enjoyed a small glass of brandy. General Hammond had been successful in keeping the information about Jessie and the nanites off record, but the initial success of the weapon had reached the IOC, among others. Glancing at the clock, Kinsey went and opened his wall safe, taking out a small hand-held device. The light reflected off the spherical surface, illuminating the polished silver-gray. It wasn’t long before it activated.

"What can I do for you?" Kinsey asked.

"Well, it might be more of what I can do for you, Kinsey, if you deliver what I want."

He smirked. "And what can you do for me?"

"How does the position of President sound, once I have taken over? I’ll need someone I can trust to ensure things operate smoothly."

Kinsey smiled, almost certain what was going to be asked for. "So, what is it you want delivered?"

Holding up a picture, he said, "Her."

For a moment Kinsey was speechless. He had been thinking the demand was going to be for the weapon.

"Why would you want Dr. Watson?" Kinsey asked incredulously.

The other man looked at him stonily. "Let’s just say she intrigues me. Is that going to be a problem?"

Kinsey thought for a moment, then shrugged. "She’s just a…" he paused, searching for a polite descriptor before replying, "…commodity. It won’t be a problem." Taking a sip of his brandy, he asked, "How do you propose going about this?"

"I’ll supply you with a tracking device. It’ll be easy enough to attach it to her with just a touch. The time and place will be arranged, and you will be notified."

Kinsey looked at him suspiciously. "What else?"

The man shook his head, smiling. "Just this. If you do this successfully, I will ensure you a position of power for the rest of your natural life."

Warning bells should have been going off for Kinsey, but he was too focused on his own greed to be paying close attention.

"Let me know when and where. It’ll be done."

With a short nod to Kinsey, he deactivated the communication device. Turning to the other man in the room, he handed him two tracking devices.

"Deliver this one to Kinsey via the usual route. You know what to do with the other one."



The devil himself could have been breathing down Cam’s neck, and he would’ve taken no notice; he was too wrapped up in seeing how far he could nudge Jessie. Looking down at her neck, he gave a self-satisfied smile; she would definitely have his mark for a few days to come. With a hand on her lower back, he maneuvered her over to the bed, coming to stand between it and the wall. He knew of several interesting features in this room, but he had decided to keep it simple, at least this time around. Depending on how receptive she was would determine what direction their games took in the future.

Jessie stood by the side of the bed, unsure of what Cam was going to do next. When he stepped over to the tapestries hanging on the wall, she wondered why he was going to open the drapes. It was only after he grasped the fabric and pulled it aside did she realize those tapestries didn’t cover a window—instead, they hid a framed mirror that graced the wall—a solid piece of glass that ran six feet tall by about nine feet wide, encompassing a full view of the bed, and then some. Jessie had never seen anything like it before. Cam moved behind Jessie, placing his hands on her shoulders as he looked at her in the mirror’s reflection.

"You know, normally I would demand ransom for a prisoner’s safe return, but you have definitely piqued my interest." He ran his fingertips along the ridge of her collarbone. "I had to wonder about a woman who’s bold enough to fight alongside men, what kind of lover she would be in my bed." Moving from her collarbone, he caressed the sensitive skin of her neck, up to the angle of her jaw. "Most captives are docile creatures, virgins who fear a man’s touch. But you, you’re not like most captives, are you, my lady? You’ve experienced the pleasure that can exist between a man and woman. And I’m willing to bet, given enough coaxing, you’ll be as passionate beneath me as you are on the battlefield."

Standing there, she had a strangest sense of déjà vu. Watching the movements of his hands as he caressed her, the leather covering his forearms and the muscles of his arms exposed beyond the edge of the tunic, it gave her the oddest feeling of witnessing something that had happened long ago. That thought disappeared as quickly as it had come when he laid his hands flat against the top of her corset, his thumbs lazily stroking the outer curve of her breasts. His touch was coming perilously close to her nipples and she jerked slightly in response, the clink of metal on metal echoing through the room as she inadvertently pulled against the cuffs. His eyes met hers in the mirror.

"Can’t stop me from touching you, can you, little one?" he whispered as he brushed upward again, causing her nipples to tighten beneath the chemise, pressing against the cotton fabric. An appreciative growl came from him as he watched her body’s response. "Very nice." Leaning over her shoulder, he looked down at what he was doing as he cupped her breasts from underneath, applying subtle pressure as he held her in his hands. "See? You’re just the perfect size to fill my hands." Looking at Jessie, he could see her lips were parted slightly, her breathing a little more labored. "You know what I think? I think you don’t want me to stop touching you."

Using the tips of his index fingers, he stroked back and forth in the lightest of touches to the underside of those erect buds. "You didn’t answer me earlier when I asked you if you missed a man’s touch." Taking the edge of her top in his hands, he watched her in the mirror as he pulled it down, exposing her breasts. Another metallic clink broke the silence. "You don’t have to answer me, my lady. Your body’s doing that for you." Reaching up, he drew his hands over her breasts, and the sensation of his rough skin against her sensitive nipples caused her to jerk backwards, her hands brushing against his obvious erection.

He watched her eyes widen as she realized exactly how aroused he was, and she swallowed hard against the moan she was fighting to contain. "You think I don’t know how badly you’re aching, my lady? That all I would have to do is roll these sweet pink nipples between my fingers, pinching them just a little, in order to make you moan?" He took her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, but applied no pressure, holding her gaze in the mirror. He knew the anticipation alone would drive her arousal higher. "I could take you right now, and you’d be ready for me, wouldn’t you Jessica?" He had to give her kudos for being stubborn—her jaw tightened and she shook her head, denying what she knew was true.

The look he gave her had her wondering if she was in the devil’s bedroom after all. Sliding his arm around her, he pulled her back against him, holding her tight.

"Are you lying to me, my lady?" Leaning down, he lowered his voice to a whisper. "You should know, before you answer that question, that I punish liars. Now, I’ll ask you again—are you ready for me?"

She looked at him in the mirror, not wanting to admit he was right. Without thinking, she whispered, "Please, my lord…"

The look he gave her damn near made her come right then and there. "That’s one."

When she realized what she had said, she squeezed her eyes shut and muttered, "Damn it."

"Told you there was a blizzard coming," he murmured as he slid a foot between hers, pushing against her foot until she widened her stance. Still holding her close, he used his free hand to separate the layers of her skirt until his fingers touched her bare thigh. Watching her reaction in the mirror, he brought his hand around until it was between her legs, his fingers mere inches away from where she was aching the most. "What will I find when I touch you?" He waited for a moment while she remained silent. "Last chance, Jessica. Tell me the truth, or I swear, I’ll bend you over that wooden table and strap your ass with my belt. Now, answer me."

She remembered what had happened in the book. She considered defying him, but he was good—she couldn’t tell if he if he was bluffing or not. In the end, she wasn’t willing to risk it. "Yes," she whispered.

"Yes, what?"

"Yes…I’m ready for you."

With the slightest turn of his wrist, he stroked his fingers along her inner thigh before withdrawing his hand.

Jessica bit the inside of her mouth against the sharp ache that knifed through her as he pulled his hand away. Catching the unguarded expression on her face, Cam turned her to face him.

Pulling the hair sticks out, he ran his fingers through her hair until it fell in waves past her shoulders. "We both know that ‘please’ was an accident—I want you to say it because you mean it." Reaching behind her, he unhooked the clasp holding the cuffs together. Before she had a chance to react, he bent down and claimed her mouth, deftly sliding his tongue inside as she parted her lips in surprise. Hesitantly she brought her hands up, touching the heavy suede of his tunic as well as the smooth skin of his arms. She became acutely aware of what she needed, so much so that thoughts of resisting him vanished. Cam felt the shift in her demeanor as she stepped in closer, pressing her breasts against the leather covering his chest, kissing him fully in return.

He groaned into her mouth before pulling away. "Damn it, Jessie," he whispered hoarsely. "You’re too damned tempting."

Jessie turned the tables on him, not realizing she was playing with fire. "I’m sorry, my lord," she whispered in return. "You’re right. I ache so badly it takes my breath away." She brushed her lips lightly against his as she ran her fingertips over his tunic, down the leather gauntlets to the bulge in his trousers. "I miss being touched, being so aroused that I would do whatever was asked of me. Seeing you, feeling your touch makes me want it again so badly." Looking into his eyes she whispered, "Would you think any less of me if I asked you…if I begged you to take me?"

With a growl he turned her roughly in his arms until her back was against him. Digging his fingers into the front of the corset, he began unhooking the hooks she hadn’t known were there. It took him less than a minute to strip her naked, save for the leather cuffs on her wrists. Backing her against the corner post of the bed, he said, "There’s something I’ve been fantasizing about doing ever since I started planning this, and regardless of how badly I want to fuck you senseless right now, I’m going to do it first."

The thought that she might have pushed him too far flitted across her mind as she watched him reach towards the top of the large post, sliding back a panel she hadn’t realized was there. He pulled out a short length of chain that was attached to the inside, a ring dangling from its end. Taking her wrist, he made short work of hooking the clasp to the ring, and quickly secured the other in a like manner. He then stepped back as he stripped the tunic from his body. Jessie unconsciously pulled against the cuffs, pressing back against the post as he came towards her, certain now that she had crossed some unseen line.

"Cam, I…"

He turned the words she had used earlier back on her. "Shhh, my lady. I’m not going to hurt you."

With what she had glimpsed in his eyes a few seconds before, she had her doubts about that. "My…my lord," she stammered.

Cam knelt down in front of her. "It’s okay, Jessie. Just watch in the mirror." He kept still at her feet, just looking at her, until she did as he asked.

Turning her gaze to the wall, the image was seared indelibly in her mind—her wrists bound to the post, her naked body appearing even more pale against the dark wood, Cam kneeling in front of her, looking at her in the mirror before he turned and nudged her legs apart.

Cam heard her intake of breath as he settled his mouth over her clit. Oh yeah, he thought as he pressed his tongue against her, feeling how swollen that sweet little bud was. He was very deliberate in keeping any contact soft and light—he had no intention of letting her come this way. Reaching up, he touched her inner thigh, slowly stroking closer and closer to her core as he lapped at her clit, barely nudging the hood covering it. She was starting to pant, and he understood why when his fingers finally brushed against her—she was very, very wet.

Jessie wrapped her hands around the length of chain, just for something to hold on to. She was beginning to wonder if it was the devil himself between her legs, because she highly doubted Cam would torment her like this. His touch was so light, so soft and gentle she was about to scream. When she felt his fingertips slip against her, just the tiniest hint of penetration before sliding past, she couldn’t help herself.

"Please," she whimpered as she tried to press herself closer to him.

Cam leaned back, looking up at her, then back between her legs. He could see how wet she was, and her clit was now just barely peeking out from beneath its hood. "What was that, my lady?"

Jessie looked down at Cam, pride warring with need.

He gave her a half grin. "Did you say something?" he asked innocently, before using the tip of his tongue to lap softly once, twice, three times directly against the head of her clitoris.

Jessie squeezed her eyes shut as her climax danced just beyond her reach. "Please."

"Hmmm. Those two sounded sincere." Cam stood up and being very careful not to touch her anywhere else, he kissed her, his tongue mating with hers. Pulling back slightly, he looked into her eyes. "Can you taste yourself on my tongue?"

She swallowed hard. "Yes," she whispered.

He kissed her again, lingering a little longer this time. "So sweet." He brushed the back of his fingers against her cheek. "I’m gonna give you a few minutes," he whispered against her lips. "You’re too close to coming, and I don’t want you to do that yet, okay?" With that he walked over to the table and picked up the glass she had set down earlier. Bringing it back to her, he held it to her lips. "Drink a little of this."

Jessie did as he asked, trying to consciously relax the muscles that had involuntarily tightened with her impending orgasm.

Setting the glass on the nightstand, Cam came back to stand in front of her. Temptation got the better of him, and he took those hard, pink nipples between his fingers, giving them a gentle roll before pinching the tips, causing them to flush a deeper pink. Jessie moaned as her back arched with the stimulation. "Sorry; couldn’t help myself." The look on his face said he was anything but.

Glancing at her wrists and then the bed, as if he were contemplating something, Jessie watched as Cam climbed up on the bed, sliding back another panel at the bottom center of the headboard. When he finally moved back, she could see another length of chain exposed, similar to the one in the post.

Cam came back to stand in front of her before unhooking the cuffs from the chain. Seeing him standing there in nothing but the leather trousers, herself naked as the day she was born had her nerve endings humming with desire. He definitely had something in mind—she could see it in his eyes.

Resting his hands on the curve of her waist, Cam looked down at her. "There’s a reason why I haven’t let you come yet," he murmured, stroking her with his fingertips.

When he said nothing more, Jessie looked at his warily. "Why?"

He gave her a slight smile. "Because of the way I’m going to take you."

Before she had a chance to step back, his hands clasped her waist, holding her in place. "What…what do you mean?"

Turning her in his arms, he had her face the bed, his hand stroking her belly. "When a woman is extremely aroused, she can take more than she normally does."


"Uh huh. More stimulation. Deeper penetration. Things that would normally be too much, instead create intense pleasure." Cam felt Jessie stiffen up, pushing back as he leaned towards the bed. He also knew that this little flare of nerves would drop her arousal just enough to where he needed it to be.


"My lady," he replied, "remember, your behavior dictates how I treat your father’s men. Now, get up on the bed." When he slapped his hand against her bottom, she gasped in surprise, but climbed up onto the mattress. Cam stroked his hand down her flank. "On your knees, and reach for the chain."

Jessie’s heart was pounding in her chest as she did as she was told, and Cam hooked her cuffs to the short chain. With his hands on her hips, he eased her back.

"There you go." Taking three of the pillows, he stacked them up beneath her belly, giving her a bolster to lean against. "Bend down on your elbows. That’s it." With that, Cam stood up, stripping the trousers off, making sure Jessie was watching as he did so. Reaching down, he stroked his hand over his erection, tilting his head to the side as he looked at her. "You said you missed a man’s touch, my lady." Looking down at himself, and then at her, he said, "Well, I’m going to remind you of exactly what you’ve been missing." With that, he climbed up on the bed, spreading her legs as he positioned himself behind her. He hadn’t taken her like this before just for the simple fact she was so tight from having such a long period of abstinence. While he wasn’t huge, he was large enough that he could hurt her in this position if he didn’t prepare her properly.

Taking himself in hand, he ran the bulbous head of his cock up and down through her wetness, parting her folds as he teased the opening to her sheath.

Jessie couldn’t remember ever feeling more exposed. Her position gave him a clear view of her from behind, unable to close her legs because his knees kept them braced open. She felt the pressure grow as he slowly began to push his cock inside her, and Jessie involuntarily jerked against the chain at her wrists.

Cam watched as he pushed into Jessie, her nether lips stretching around the head of his cock until it popped inside, and they closed over it, hugging his shaft. With a hand on her hip, he could feel the tenseness in her body, so he took a moment, staying perfectly still inside her as he reached underneath and found her swollen bud with his fingertips. Nudging it slowly back and forth with his index finger, he gently massaged that little bundle of nerves until he felt it grow more erect beneath his fingertip. Only then did he push forward just a little, retreating and then repeating the action. Leaning over her, he kissed her ear before whispering, "That’s it, my lady. Doesn’t that feel good?" He pushed in a little deeper, getting a moan out of her. "You’re so tight, gonna have to work you real slow so you can take all of it." Another moan, this time with her pushing back ever so slightly against him.

With that, Cam brought his knees together, grasping Jessie on either side of her hips and pulling her slowly back onto his cock, maneuvering her body as he remained perfectly still. Watching as he slid deeper and deeper inside her, he kept talking to her. "Such a good girl," he said in a low voice, making sure she wasn’t pulling on her wrists too hard. "Nice and deep." He could feel her sheath tightening around him, so he slowed his strokes. "Easy there, Jessie. Just relax. Not yet."

"Please." Jessie was beyond caring whether she begged or not. Her body wanted release, and wanted it now. "Cam, please."

The little whimpering sounds she was making only made him want to pound into her, so he stopped moving, taking a few deep breaths as he did so.

"God, please don’t stop Cam. I’ll do whatever you want, just let me come."

"Soon, baby," he said, his eyes squeezed tightly shut as he fought to stay still. Only once he was sure he was back in control did he begin the slow thrusts into her body.

"Damn it, Cam," she said half to herself as he kept her on the edge of coming, not giving her enough to push her over. She felt his fingers tighten on her hips.

"Spread your legs more, Jessie." He waited until she had complied. Pushing into her, he heard her gasp as he hit the bottom of her well. "Now," he said in a tight voice, "I want you to lean back against me."

She did as he asked, feeling the stretching sensation grow deep inside her, almost to the point of discomfort. Just when she thought she had reached her limit, she felt Cam slip his hand between her legs, his fingers finding her clit, and he began rolling that sensitive nub between his fingertips.

"You’re almost there, baby. Just a little bit more, and you’ll have all of me inside you."

There was more? She was already at the point where she didn’t think she could possibly take any more, but with the insistent tug of his fingers on her clit, it intensified the ache inside her and she felt herself relax, giving him that extra bit of room he needed to pull her flush against him. The primitive groan that came from Cam told her he was all the way in just as much as the burning fullness deep inside her.

"That’s it, Jessie, right there, got every inch of me inside that sweet, tight pussy."

Jessie could feel the sweat starting to bead up on her skin. In her current position, she couldn’t get enough leverage to move against him, much less bring herself to orgasm. Her patience snapped, and she yanked hard against the chain. "Cameron Mitchell, if you don’t fuck me right now, I swear to God you’ll regret the day you ever laid eyes on me."

Cam grinned from ear to ear. "That’s a pretty big threat coming from someone who’s chained to a bed." When she growled in response, he took pity on her. Grasping her hips, he pulled out slightly and thrust forward, hearing her grunt. "Is this what you need, Jessie?" He pulled back, thrusting harder into her, making sure to bury himself to the hilt. Her grunt turned into a moan. "Is that it, baby?" Another thrust, this one a little harder. "You want me to pound that sweet pussy of yours?"

In a voice that could have easily come out of ‘The Exorcist’, she said "Yes, damn it, now!"

Wrapping one arm around her waist, Cam leaned over and into her, pulling her tight against him as he braced his other arm against the mattress. "As you wish, my lady," he said as he began pounding into her body, angling in so he was penetrating her completely with each and every thrust.

Jessie was beyond any point she had ever reached before. Her sole focus was on the delicious stretch of her body as the head of his cock battered her over and over again. Her back arched and she opened herself to him completely, leaning as far back as she could to take everything he could give her. He had kept her on the edge of orgasm so long she was passed the point of coming quickly; her body was now taking its own sweet time getting there, but it gave her the opportunity to submit that much longer to the demands of his body.

Turning her head, Jessie found herself looking into the mirror, and though the lighting in the room was low, she could see the scene on the bed quite clearly. Her upper body lay against the mattress, her arms stretched out in front of her, tendrils of hair stuck damply to her skin from her sweat. The pillows elevated the lower half of her body, her skin pale in contrast to Cam’s darker tone. His body covered hers, the muscles in his arms and legs shifting with his movements, the sheen of sweat on his back reflecting in the dim light as he drove into her body over and over again.

Glancing down at Jessie, Cam realized what she was doing and he turned, catching her gaze in the mirror. Slowing his movements, he reached down with the hand that was still around her waist, seeking out her clit. He found it, swollen, distended and slick from her juices. A few strokes with his fingertip as he watched her in the mirror triggered the reaction she had waited so long for. He felt the slight contractions around the head of his cock before the waves spread, her sheath tightening around him with her orgasm. Feeling her body’s response, as well as seeing it almost pushed him over the edge, but he held back. He kept his strokes steady, even as her moans rose to the point of a scream. He waited for the contractions to begin to recede, biding his time. When they finally did, he reached up, taking her nipples between his fingers, rolling and pinching those sensitive buds as he increased the speed and intensity of his thrusts. Cam knew when he had balanced the two just right; the shocked look on Jessie’s face that coincided with another wave of contractions even stronger than the last, and her scream of "oh my god!" as a second orgasm swept through her body.

As much as he would have loved to have tried for a third consecutive orgasm from her, he couldn’t hold back his own any longer. He felt his balls tighten almost painfully as the pleasure coiled at the base of his spine. Laying his forehead against her shoulder, he thrust hard into her, growling low in his throat as he pumped his seed deep inside her body, grimacing with the intensity of it. He held that position, holding her tightly against him as he waited for the waves of sensation to subside. As soon as he could manage it, he lifted himself off Jessie, reaching up and pulling open the Velcro straps to release her wrists.

"Hey, sweetie, lean back a little."

Jessie didn’t say anything, but did as he asked, just enough to where he was able to get the pillows out from beneath her. Tossing them to the side he stretched out on the bed, pulling Jessie up into his arms as he did so. She groaned in protest, but he knew her muscles would end up cramping up if she didn’t stretch out.

"Shhhh, I’ve got you." Cam cradled her close, stroking his hand over her hair as he held her. Only after the sweat had dried and their temperature cooled did he grab the blanket and pull it over them. They dozed off and on over the next hour before Jessie finally stirred in his arms, tilting her head back to look at him.

"Comfortable?" he asked, grinning at her.

"Oh yeah," she replied, and he chuckled. "What?"

"You almost sound like you’re purring."

Jessie grinned at that, stretching in his arms. "Hmmm, can’t imagine why." Resting her head on his shoulder, she reached out and traced his mouth with her fingertips. "You’re something else, you know that?"

"Why’s that?"

"Why? Well, beyond the fact that you’re gorgeous, intelligent, strong, and kind, and make me feel like I’m something special, I don’t know of any man who would have gone to such great lengths to act out a fantasy."

Leaning over, he kissed her softly. "You are special. You’re the woman I love, and this," he said as he gestured at the room with his hand, "is not that big a deal."

"Bullshit. This setting, the book, the costumes—yes, it is a big deal."

"When it comes to making your fantasies come true, I’d do this, and more, ten times over."

"Like I said, you’re something else, you know?"

Cam laughed, hugging her close to him. She grunted a little as she readjusted her position.

"You okay?"

She gave him a sheepish grin. "Yeah, though I don’t think I’ll be able to walk normally anytime soon."

Looking like the cat that ate the canary, he grinned as he kissed her. "You know, the master bath has a Jacuzzi bathtub."


"Uh huh. It’s just the thing to work out any soreness from breaking you in properly." He parted her lips this time, sweeping his tongue playfully against hers.

"Hmmm. Guess I’ll have to thank Casey when we get back."

"For what?"

Jessie leaned in and kissed him, tasting him as she did so. "She was going to tell Daniel I wouldn’t be in on Monday, that I’d need the day to recuperate."

"Smart woman," he replied as he rolled Jessie beneath him, kissing her thoroughly.

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