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 Coming Home

Chapter 8

Cam had sat quietly in the corner, waiting for Jessie. He wasn’t exactly sure how she was going to react, but he was fairly certain surprise would be part of it. Paul’s hobby was collecting items from the Renaissance period, as well as other…intriguing…items, and he had shown Cam his collection in the past. It was the first thing Cam thought of when he began planning this little adventure. Hearing the click of the doorknob turning, he sat perfectly still as Jessie came in. His eyes roamed over her, and he reminded himself to thank Colette for her help in choosing the costumes. The corset cinched in her already tiny waist, accentuating her curves and her pert breasts, which were displayed to perfection above the tight leather corset. He grinned as he caught a glimpse of the archaeologist in her studying Paul’s treasures, and the expression on her face when she finally laid eyes on him was exactly what he had been hoping for.

Jessie was trying to figure out if it was too late for her to leave the room when Cam broke the silence. "You clean up pretty good, considering how you were dressed when I captured you."

It’s no big deal; I can do this,’ she thought to herself. Raising her chin slightly, she said with a bit of sarcasm, "Wearing a dress hinders my movements in battle."

"A woman has no business on the battlefield."

Oh, he so didn’t just say that. Eyes slightly narrowed, she replied, "Many a man thought that, and found himself on the wrong end of my blade."

Cam rose from the chair slowly, and he reminded Jessie of a large cat uncurling from a nap. "You seem to have a chip on your shoulder, milady. The question is, is it because your husband was killed while battling my men, or is it because your father traded you for land access?" Walking over to a low antique cabinet, he picked up a book of matches. Striking one, he let the flame flare for a moment before lighting two candles sitting on top. "It’s a well known fact your father arranged your marriage so he could gain the land to the east. It might have been a wise move from a warlord’s point of view, but not a good thing for a father to do to his daughter."

"My father’s actions are none of your concern, my lord."

"Ah, but that’s where you’re wrong. Knowing your enemy is key to defeating him."

Not exactly sure why, Jessie moved to put the large table between them. "My father’s a wealthy man. Name your price for my ransom, and he’ll pay it."

Cam’s laughter surprised her, and his voice dropped a couple of levels as he started walking towards her. "Ransom is not what I have in mind."

Oh crap. She kept in step with him, walking around the table as her fingertips grazed the rough wood. "Land, then? I’m sure some kind of agreement could be reached."

Cam began unfastening the straps securing the shoulder armor. He grinned as he lifted the heavy leather over his head and laid it across the chair. "You seem to have forgotten the position you’re in, my lady. Being a warrior, surely you’re aware of what happens to women when they’re captured in the spoils of war."

If she didn’t trust Cam one hundred percent, Jessie would have been scared out of her wits seeing his expression change like it did. He went from a semi-amused, laid back persona to a man with one thing on his mind, and he did absolutely nothing to hide it. Jessie glanced over her shoulder, judging the distance to the door.

"You can try it, milady, but I promise you—you won’t make it to the door."

Jessie looked at Cam’s position. Standing on the far side of the table, he had his right hand resting casually on the back of the chair. He would either have to go around the chair to his right, or maneuver between the table and cabinet on his left to try and stop her.

Not seeing the obvious she would later blame on her senses being dulled by the whiskey. More to prove she could get out of the room than truly trying to get away, she made a dash for the door. Unfortunately for her, it only took Cam three steps to reach her—one onto the chair, the second on the tabletop, and the third to the floor before he grabbed her from behind. With a strong arm around her midsection, he pulled her hard against him, her feet no longer touching the floor. Instinct caused her to bring her legs up in order to kick backwards, but his next words gave her pause.

"You kick me, and I promise you’ll feel the sting of my belt across your backside." His arm tightened just slightly, emphasizing his point.

Not really wanting to see if he actually meant that, she brought her legs down slowly. Cam held her midair for a moment before setting her down, but he didn’t relinquish his hold on her.

"Nice try, milady, but I’m stronger and faster," he murmured in her ear, his warm breath caressing her skin.

"Fine. If rape is what you want, there’s not much I can to do stop you."

"Rape? Oh no, darlin’." Using his lips, he tugged briefly on her earlobe. "Believe me, you’ll want what I’m going to do to you. In fact, you’ll beg me for it, repeatedly."

It was more the cocksure tone in his voice than anything else that pissed Jessie off.

"I’ll beg when hell freezes over, my lord."

Cam grinned from ear to ear. Hit a nerve, had he? "The last I heard," he said as he eyed the swell of her breasts, "there was a blizzard in the forecast tonight."



Casey adjusted the spray of the showerhead, the bathroom already filling with steam. She and Daniel had an early supper, and after cleaning up the dishes he had wanted to look up something in relation to a tablet, so she had left him pulling out reference books while she got more comfortable. Pinning her hair up, she stepped into the shower, an audible sigh escaping her as the hot water ran over her skin. Picking up her favorite bottle of shower gel, the scent of spring flowers and vanilla wafted with the steam as she lathered up the bath sponge. She was so looking forward to the three-day weekend and spending some quality time alone with her husband. Running the sponge over her arm, she hesitated for a second as she felt it again, then shook her head as she grinned. Casey had been aware of little pokes at her subconscious beginning late that afternoon, subtle feelings that she had finally attributed to Jessie being with Cam. Casey knew Jessie was a little nervous, but was certain she was going to have a very memorable time. Besides, she knew without a doubt Jessie and Cam were fated to be together. Their destiny was as bright as what had brought Daniel into her life. Casey smiled as she thought about Daniel, and turned her attention to what they could do that evening.



Cam turned Jessie in his arms until she was facing him. "Let me make it easy for you. I have a dozen of your father’s men in captivity from the battle today. Do as I say, and I’ll see they’re treated well. Defy me, and they’ll suffer for your disobedience. Understood?"

That sneaky little…"Fine."

Cam tried his best not to chuckle out loud. He hadn’t planned on pissing her off, but she was obviously perturbed nonetheless, and it added an air of authenticity to what they were doing. Not to mention the fact that he loved a challenge.

Turning around, he pulled out the wooden chair and sat her down.

"So, tell me about your husband."

"He’s dead," she said sarcastically.

Cam snorted with amusement. She was pissed off.

"Is it true he was killed two weeks into the marriage?"

Not having any reason to do otherwise, she decided to follow his lead. "Yes."

"So, you had no emotional attachment to him."

"There wasn’t enough time to form one." Watching Cam, Jessie was trying to figure out what he was doing. He had gone over to the nightstand by the bed and taken something from the drawer, but she couldn’t see what he had in his hands.

Walking over, Cam placed the item on the table in front of Jessie, waiting for her reaction.

Jessie’s heart started racing as she stared at the wrist restraints, the brown suede leather contrasting with the cream colored fur lining them. She tried to keep her composure as she considered and discarded a multitude of responses.

Make a run for the door? Been there, done that, didn’t work.

Say his last name? The ultimate chicken-shit move, and one she would only use under extreme duress.

Say it was a turn-off? Liar. ‘Be careful of what you wish for’ echoed through her brain as she thought about that damned report she wrote. Boy, if this wasn’t the epitome of something coming back and biting her in the ass, she didn’t know what was.

Cam watched the play of emotions across her face as she eyed the cuffs as she might a rattlesnake. When he took a step towards her, she jumped slightly. ‘Oh no, little one,’ he thought as she looked up at him warily, ‘you’re not going to wiggle your way out of this one. I know for a fact this is something you’re curious about.’ Reaching out, he pulled her to her feet and then placed his hands on her shoulders, stroking the soft skin.

Jessie tried to focus on something else, knowing the cotton chemise would do nothing to hide her response. Finally finding her voice, she asked, "Are those necessary, my lord?" stealing a look at the cuffs.

"For a little while. Just until I’m certain you’ve learned to behave yourself." With that, Cam reached over and picked them up. Seeing her panicked look, he enfolded her in his arms, holding her close. "Shhhhh. It’s just a little lesson in trust."

Taking her wrist in one hand, he stroked his fingers slowly over the soft skin before wrapping the cuff around it, securing it snugly, but where it was still comfortable. He repeated the same with her other wrist. The size was adjustable due to a heavyweight Velcro strap, and there was a clasp on the topside of each cuff, which could be secured to a ring, or to each other.

At that moment, seeing her standing so uncertainly before him with the cuffs around her slender wrists, he had an almost overwhelming urge to bend her over on the bed and take her then and there. Instead, he took several deep breaths, knowing that some time over the course of the evening he would do just that. But not yet.

Jessie shifted from one foot to the other. She was trying to quell her nervousness, but that was rapidly moving beyond her control. It was right there, on the tip of her tongue; all she had to do was say his last name.

Cam could see the wariness in her eyes, so he took a half step back, giving her a little space. Crossing his arms, he tilted his head slightly to one side. "You’re not gonna try to tell me that you, a warrior, are afraid, are you?" He watched as she unconsciously tugged at the cuffs around her wrists.

Before she could formulate an answer to that question, Cam stepped around her and took a seat in her recently vacated chair.

"C’mere," he said, crooking a finger and beckoning her. When she hesitated, he patted his lap. "I want you to sit here, facing me." Cam reached out, guiding Jessie to where she straddled him, easing her down until her weight rested on his thighs. He took her hands in his, raising first one and then the other to his lips, placing a soft kiss on each. Holding her wrists loosely, his fingers grazed the suede leather encasing them.

"Do these bother you?" he asked softly.

Jessie shrugged her shoulders slightly. "Just a little nervous, I guess."

"Hmmm." He brushed his thumb back and forth against the inside of her wrist. Bringing her hand to his mouth, he kissed her palm. "Put them on me."


He kissed her hand again.

"Put them on me," he repeated. "Maybe experiencing what I get out of it will help you feel less apprehensive."

Jessie kind of doubted that, but the thought was intriguing. When she took a closer look at the cuffs to see exactly how they fastened, Cam began removing the leather gauntlets from his forearms.

She pulled the Velcro strap free, loosening the cuff and slipping it off, and did the same with the opposite one. Cam held out his now bare wrist to her. Green eyes met blue ones as she wrapped the restraint around his wrist and secured it.

"Being a little nervous is fine," he said as he held out his other wrist to her. "Too much isn’t—kind of hard to experience pleasure when you’re scared out of your wits." Once she had fastened the second one, he gestured to the lobster style clasps. "See how they hook together?" When she nodded, he leaned towards her, moving his back away from the chair. Placing his wrists in her hands, his mouth mere inches from hers, he murmured, "Go ahead, Jessie. I trust you."

She met no resistance as she moved his wrists behind his back. With her arms wrapped around him, she used her sense of touch to find the spring lever on the clasp, hooking it through the other one. Cam slowly leaned back in the chair, his wrists now bound behind him. With a lazy smile, he said, "So, now what are you gonna do?" He watched as the tip of her tongue peeked out, moistening her lips as she considered his question.

It didn’t take her long to decide. Jessie reached out, grasping the back of the chair on either side of his head before leaning in, brushing her lips against his. He didn’t return the kiss, instead giving her the opportunity to do exactly as she wanted. Using her mouth, she tugged gently on his full lower lip, bringing her hand to cradle his head as she teased, coaxing him to part his lips. When he finally did, she slid her tongue inside, brushing softly against his, finding a slight hint of the whiskey he had drank earlier.

Cam was concentrating on staying perfectly still, which was difficult enough when Jessie’s tongue began stroking his, but when she literally purred into his mouth, he instinctively reached for her, the subsequent pull on the cuffs causing a metallic clink to echo through the room.

The sound caused Jessie to lean back slightly. Cam’s eyes were half closed, but the look was unmistakable. It was then that Jessie began to understand what Cam had said earlier. Seeing his arousal but having him restrained, unable to stop whatever she wanted to do, was an incredible turn on. And it was something she wasn’t quite yet willing to give up. Leaning back in, she brushed her lips over his earlobe, using the tip of her tongue to tease his ear, playfully dipping inside. With her hands now just below his shoulders, she could feel the muscles shift in his arms each time he tried to reach for her. Moving down, she began nuzzling his neck..



Cam’s breath came in a hiss as Jessie drew firmly on one spot, and he realized that she was deliberately marking him.

"You gonna let me loose?" He was more surprised than anything when she chuckled against his neck.

"I’m not done with you yet."

"Not done…" The rest of what he was going to say was lost as she covered his mouth with her own, kissing him deeply. This time, though, he returned the kiss thoroughly. The next thing he became aware of was Jessie scooting off of his lap.

"Jess," he said, a slight warning in his voice. The look she gave him had him questioning the wisdom of letting her restrain him.

"You trust me, don’t you, Cam?" she murmured.

"Yes," he said in a tight voice as she began unfastening the leather trousers he wore. "Though I think this was supposed to be more you being the captive, not the other way around."

The smile she gave him had him squirming in his chair. "Just give me ten minutes, and I’ll let you have the cuffs back, okay?"

He hadn’t realized how tight the trousers had gotten until she freed his erection, and he let out an involuntary sigh. Kneeling on the floor, her skirt billowed out around her as she settled in between his thighs, her arms resting on his legs as she caressed his cock. Bringing her mouth within an inch of the head, she let the warmth of her breath tickle the sensitive flesh.

"Jessie," he said, his voice rising slightly.

"Shhhh, I’m not gonna hurt you," she whispered before using the tip of her tongue to stroke along the flared edge. Another metallic clink, this one louder than the last, lingered in the air. Damn. She had pleasured Cam in this fashion many times before, but there was something more to it now, with her knowing she was in complete control. She found herself lingering longer, extending the teasing touches, feeling him strain against her as he sought more. It gave her a heady rush, especially when she finally took him within her mouth, suckling on the swollen head of his cock, hearing his uninhibited groans. When he thrust up against her, she let him penetrate deeper, feeling him touch the back of her throat, knowing he needed more. She sucked hard on him as she moved up and down his shaft, but eventually pulled off slowly, despite his groan in protest.

"Shhhh." Dipping lower, she used her tongue to stroke his sac, drawing him slowly into her mouth, suckling that most sensitive part as her hand continued to massage his shaft, just enough to maintain his level of arousal. She teased the testicle she had in her mouth with insistent sweeps of her tongue. Only once she was satisfied with her teasing did she release him from her mouth, before treating the other side in a like manner, her tongue massaging in time with her hand.

Cam was completely helpless beneath her ministrations, his arms straining against the cuffs as he began to pant involuntarily. His complete attention was now focused between his legs, and the woman who was slowly driving him insane.

Jessie glanced up at Cam as she released his sac from her mouth, taking note of how hard he had become. Knowing it had to be bordering on discomfort, she immediately took his shaft within her mouth, her movements slow and deliberate, focused on giving him pleasure, her hand stroking his lower shaft as she nursed on him. She knew it wasn’t going to take long, and she was right. Cam began thrusting into her mouth, and she had no intention of denying him what he needed. Never breaking the rhythm of her strokes, she used the fingers of her other hand to stroke his balls as they tightened against his body, her mouth and tongue pushing him over the edge as he began moaning with his orgasm, the sound growing louder as his back arched, his wrists straining against the cuffs as he came in Jessie’s mouth, his hips pumping in time with his release.

It was an exhilarating experience for Jessie, one that she wouldn’t soon forget. Looking up at Cam, she could see the strong column of his throat, his head thrown back as he rode out the waves of his climax. ‘Oh yeah,’ she thought as she swallowed and stroked. She kept him within her mouth, giving him the softest of caresses with her lips and tongue as he came down from his orgasm. Only when he had relaxed completely did she let him slip from between her lips, before tucking him back inside his trousers and refastening them.

He still had his head braced against the back of the chair, so she laid her head against his legs, her arms loosely wrapped around them. It was in those intervening moments, when the only sound was his labored breath as it became more even, did the realization hit her—it was going to be her turn next. Uh oh. That thought was further reinforced by the low growl of Cam’s voice.

"Unhook the cuffs, Jessie."



Casey came out of the bathroom, her skin flushed pink by the hot shower she had just taken. Slipping on a short, pale blue silk kimono robe, she tied the sash about her slender waist as she walked over to the bookcase in the bedroom. There was something she had in mind for that evening, but she wanted to check out a couple of details in the book. Scanning the shelves from top to bottom, her brow furrowed slightly. ‘That’s odd,’ she thought. Head tilted to the side, she looked through the bookcase again, more thoroughly this time. Turning, she walked over to the nightstand, opening the drawer to do a quick search, then repeated the same action on the other side of the bed. By this time, the poking had become more insistent, and it suddenly hit Casey full force.

Oh no, he did not do that,’ she thought.

With a bit of determination in her step, Casey made her way through the house. She found Daniel sitting at his desk, going through some book on Mesopotamia.

"Daniel," she said in a deceptively melodic voice.

"Hmmm?" He didn’t look up from the text.

"Do you know where ‘Passion’s Mystery’ by R.K. Harper, is at? I can’t seem to find it in the bedroom." Casey watched as Daniel’s body froze, the subtle stiffening of his muscles a telltale sign of his culpability.

"I’m sure it’s around somewhere," he answered vaguely, turning the page.

"Daniel Melburn Jackson! You gave that book to Cam, didn’t you?"

While Daniel looked sufficiently guilty, he also had a mischievous twinkle in his eye as he looked up at his wife. "Technically, I didn’t give it to him; I loaned it to him."

With Casey standing there, arms akimbo, giving him ‘the look’, he felt it would be best to explain himself.

"Cam asked me about the bodice-rippers, which ones were favorites," he said with a grin. "I gave him a list, he couldn’t find that one, so I loaned it to him."

"Uh huh."

"He wanted to plan something for Jessie, but didn’t want her to know about it. So I did what I could for a friend."

"Well, in case you had forgotten, ‘Passion’s Mystery’ was a little more hardcore than most of the other books."

Daniel stood, taking Casey into his arms. "Oh, I hadn’t forgotten, Angel. Actually, I recall a very enjoyable evening having you tied to the bed while I made you beg." Daniel bent down and nuzzled her ear. "In fact, it’s all I’ve been able to think about for a while now."

"You’re trying to distract me," she said as she leaned into him.

"Maybe." Daniel laughed out loud when Casey slapped his ass playfully. "I remember that being in the book, too." Not wanting to risk his wife’s wrath, he tilted her chin up before running his fingers through the silken strands of her hair. "Don’t worry, Case. Cam loves Jessie. He wouldn’t do anything that would hurt or scare her." Bending down, he kissed her, tasting the sweetness that was uniquely hers. Sliding his hands over the silk robe, he stopped at her waist. "You know, there are a few things from that book," he murmured as he untied the sash, slowly pulling it from the robe, "that we could do this evening."


"Really." Taking the length of silk, he wrapped it around her wrists, then raised her arms above her head as he assessed the effect. "But there’s one other thing that would make it even better."

Casey looped her arms about his neck, pressing her body against his suggestively. "And what would that be?"

"Hmmm…that white satin corset of yours, with the lace choker."

The anaconda was definitely coming to life. Casey smiled seductively. "You looking for a slave for the evening, Dr. Jackson?"

"I’m thinking more along the lines of all night."

Daniel definitely had a way of distracting her. With all thoughts of Jessie and Cam forgotten, Casey led her husband back to the bedroom. "I think that could be arranged."

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