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Chapter 14

Mitchell didn’t say a word. Taking Jessie’s hand, he followed the servant from the room, not once looking back. Going down the opposite corridor and to the left was a hallway with several doors. One servant took Jack and Sam to the first door on the left; the other led Mitchell and Jessie to the last door on the right.

The door had barely closed when Jack took Sam by the arm, turning her to where she was facing him. "Sam."

She watched as he swallowed convulsively, trying to find the words to say, trying to find his self-control. Reaching up, she slipped her hand behind his head. "Shut up, Jack," she said as she pulled him in for a kiss, refusing to wait any longer for what she wanted, what she needed from him.

With that one movement, he ceased being General Jack O’Neill, finally letting the man who has been in love with Samantha Carter for so long have complete control.



Down the hall, Mitchell and Jessica stepped into the dimly lit room. It took a moment for her eyes to adjust, but she soon realized they were in a large bedroom. It was surprisingly ornate, with thick carpets covering the floor and intricately carved woodwork adorning the furniture and moldings. A large four-post bed against the back wall dominated the central part of the room, and built in shelves held an assortment of bottles and items on either side. A small table with two chairs was located immediately to the left of the door, and several candles were casting a warm glow throughout. To the right, the room continued into what appeared to be a sitting area that held a large sofa with a table, a couple of chairs and a padded bench. Mitchell moved through the room, checking to make sure they were indeed alone, then he turned and started walking back toward Jessie, the look on his face causing her to slowly back up until she felt the wall behind her.

"Where did you learn to dance like that?" he asked in a low voice, his eyes locked with hers.

Jessie swallowed hard. "Sam and I, we thought it would be fun to learn something…different...Mitchell, I…"

He placed a finger against her lips. "I think it would be okay for you to call me Cam, don’tcha think?" Reaching out, he slid his hand around her waist to her low back, pulling her towards him. "Do you have any idea how erotic that dance was?" Jessie could feel the blush heat her face. Leaning closer, he said softly, "It would be real easy for a man to lose control, to grab and take what he sees before you’re ready to give." They were so close now she could feel the warmth radiating from his body. Jessie nervously licked her lips, unable to look away from him. A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "Luckily, I’m a very patient man," he said as he bent down to her.

Jessie watched as he closed the distance, his mouth caressing hers once, twice, teasing her lips open before deepening the kiss, his tongue seeking entrance, then stroking seductively. After a moment’s hesitation, she started kissing him back, her hands coming to rest on his shoulders, his arms encircling her waist. Damn, he was a good kisser.

Cam couldn’t believe he was standing there holding Jessica, feeling her breasts pressed against his chest, tasting her, touching her. Her skin was so soft, and she felt so good, he had to remind himself to take it slow. He had a hard time believing what Brojorn had told him was true, but it didn’t seem like something he would lie about. If she had had bad experiences in the past, he definitely wanted to show her how good it could be.

Jessica felt her body relax against his, and his arms tightened around her, pressing her even more intimately against him. He pulled back, looking down at her, before brushing his lips softly against hers again. "So beautiful," he whispered, before parting her lips again and caressing her tongue with his. He continued with the teasing kisses, and how long they stood there like that, she couldn’t say. When they did pull apart to catch their breath, she was surprised that he led her to the sofa, instead of the bed. He knew what she was thinking by the look on her face. Cam sat down on the sofa. "Sex is not something that should be rushed," he said softly as he pulled her down to straddle his lap, facing him. "Taking your time, finding out what pleases your partner makes the experience much more satisfying."

Jessica thought her heart was going to pound through her chest. First of all, she couldn’t believe she was straddling him, her position making her more than aware of her growing arousal. Second, the couple of boyfriends she had been with before had never done anything like this. A couple of kisses, some groping, and then they were doing their thing. The only thing they had wanted to take time on was when she had gone down on them. Cam was acting like he had all the time in the world. And that was making her nervous.

Glancing at the side table next to the sofa, he saw a small tray of the candies like the ones they had earlier. Remembering the note, he chose one. Separating the sticky candy into two small pieces, he offered one to Jessie. As she took it in her mouth, Cam kept his fingers there and she took his cue, taking his fingertip between her lips and licking the sticky residue from it. As quickly as his eyes darkened, if it had been anyone else she would have been frightened. But he made no move to do anything, simply brought the second half of candy to her mouth, once again letting her lick his fingers clean.

Jessie reached over and picked up a candy. That sexy half smile on his face caused her to move restlessly in his lap. Placing his hands on either side of her hips, he shifted her closer to him until she was pressed against his arousal. Her eyes widened in surprise, especially since he did nothing more, a mischievous glint in his eye.

Swallowing hard, she brought the candy to his mouth. His hand encircled her wrist; taking the candy with his teeth, he ate it. Not relinquishing his hold, he brought her hand to his mouth. Starting with her thumb, he slid it between his lips, licked it a couple of times then began to slowly suck on it. Jessie couldn’t stop the surprised gasp, nor keep from instinctively jerking her hand back, but Cam was expecting that. He held her wrist in a firm grasp as he finished licking the stickiness from her thumb. He then turned his attention to her index finger.

Jessie thought, no, she knew, she had never experienced anything as erotic as what he was doing right then. The look in his eyes, the slow stroke of his tongue against her fingertip, as simple as the action was, it was causing an intense ache between her legs. When his teeth closed around the pad of her finger, and he used the tip of his tongue to rub insistently back and forth against it, it was too much. Jessie grasped Cam’s shoulder with her free hand, pushing against him as she tried to get off of his lap.

Cam had seen the panic flare in her eyes just before she began trying to get up. Thinking to himself, ‘Brojorn, you better fucking be right,’ he wrapped his free arm around Jessie’s waist and quickly flipped her to where she was flat on her back on the sofa. Using the weight of his body to keep her down, he quickly grabbed both her wrists, pinning them above her head. They stared at each other for a moment, before Cam heard a low moan come from deep within Jessie’s throat. If pure lust had a sound, that would have been it.

Jessie managed to find her voice. "Cam…it’s too much…please."

He shook his head. "No it isn’t, Jessie. It’s just more than you’re used to."

Well, he had her there. She had never been this nervous and turned on before at the same time.

"Do you trust me?"

Looking into those blue eyes, she saw an equal mixture of lust and concern. Swallowing hard, she said, "Yeah, I do."

"Then follow me; don’t fight it," he said as he bent down and kissed her softly. "Okay?"

The warmth of his body pressing her down, coupled with the sensual kisses, ended up driving all the uncertainty from Jessie. A thought kept echoing through her mind, ‘Embrace the sensations, don’t fight them.’ Luckily she was too aroused to realize that the thought wasn’t coming from her.

Lifting her back up, Cam continued with the kisses and soft caresses up and down her back. Her skin felt like silk, and he absently wondered whether the rest of her would be just as soft. He was jolted back to the present, though, when Jessie shifted slightly in his arms and started trailing little kisses along his jaw. Now this was a pleasant surprise. She reached the point where his jaw met his neck, then brushed her lips lightly over his ear lobe. She moved around the shell of his ear, kissing gently. It was his turn to moan when she dipped her tongue briefly inside, then let her warm breath tickle the sensitive skin. She licked just below his lobe, tasting his neck, feeling his pulse against her lips. She stilled as he brought his hands up and around, caressing just the sides of her breasts.

"Cam," she said softly, "it’s been a while since…since I’ve been with anyone. I don’t know how much teasing I can take right now." The tremors running through her body gave credence to what she was saying.

Cam turned until his lips were brushing her ear. "You’re hungry?" he whispered, clarifying his meaning with a gentle thrust against her.

Jessie couldn’t hold back the groan. "Yeah."

"We’ve got all night. Why don’t we take the edge off that hunger so we can take our time with other things?"

Wrapping his arms around her, he stood up, carrying her over to the bed. Setting her down, he removed his boots, stripped off his T-shirt, then climbed up beside her. Kissing her gently, he reached down and started stroking her leg, slowly moving his hand up, slipping beneath her skirt, moving higher, the orange silk a stark contrast to his tanned forearm. Caressing the outside of her thigh, he reached up until he found the lace of her panties. Hooking his fingers beneath the fabric, he eased it over her hips and down her legs, tossing them over the side of the bed where they landed next to his boots. Bringing his hand back up, this time he followed the inside of her thigh, stroking softly with his fingertips until he was almost at the juncture of her thighs, then moving until he was stroking her lower abdomen. He leaned back and watched her face as his fingertips found the closely cropped curls at the top of her mons. Looking at him, Jessie moved her leg back, allowing him access to move lower. Touching softly, surprise shown on Cam’s face as his fingertips moved down, finding baby soft skin below the curls, and a smile crossed his face. "Very nice," he whispered as he moved lower, and she grasped the sheet as his fingertips brushed against her swollen clit, just the softest of touches, before moving down and realizing exactly how wet she was. Looking down, he saw the pale skin of her thighs reflected in the dim light, the orange silk pooled around her belly, his hand disappearing between her legs. He swallowed hard against the sharp shaft of desire that shot through him, tamping it down until he had time to take care of her.

Jessie felt Cam draw his finger through her juices and then use it to gently massage her clit. She knew it wasn’t going to take much for her to go over the edge. Reaching up, she laid her hands on his bare shoulders as he rubbed her softly, insistently, taking his time. She tentatively stroked her hands over his shoulders, down his arms, before reaching around to his back, feeling the muscles shift under the smooth skin. Reaching up she threaded her fingers through his hair and drew him closer for a kiss.

He slipped his finger inside her, surprised at how tight she was. Another pang of desire shot down his spine with the thought of how she would feel when he was deep inside her, that tightness squeezing him. Switching tactics, he slid his middle finger inside her, while using his thumb to rub insistently against her clit. Curling his middle finger, he rubbed that sensitive spot just behind her pubic bone, while he kept his thumb constantly massaging that sweet swollen bud at the top. Leaning over her, he kissed her jaw before bringing his mouth to her ear. "That’s it, Jessie," he whispered as his hand slowly continued to stimulate her. "Let me make it feel good for you." The tip of his tongue teased her ear. "I know what you need, Jessie, what you want. Open up for me baby." Her breathing was becoming labored. "Take it slow now; not too fast. Slowly; that’s it." His erotic whispers, along with his touch, were having the desired effect. He could feel her muscles beginning to tighten even more around his finger, her impending orgasm just moments away. Angling his finger up more, he pressed harder against her sweet spot, rubbing it firmly, eliciting a moan from her. He felt her clit swell even more beneath his thumb, and knew she was right there. "Come for me Jessie," he whispered just before he bit down on her neck, feeling her back arch and her body convulse as her orgasm washed over her. He continued to stroke gently, drawing it out as long as possible, before laying back and cradling her against his chest.

Jessie couldn’t remember an orgasm feeling that good, or that intense. Of course, a two-year dry spell might have had something to do with it, but she was inclined to believe it had more to do with the man lying by her side. Despite his unresolved arousal, he was content to lie there, holding her in his arms as she came down from her peak. With her orgasm, her anxiety level had decreased significantly, as well as her shyness. Jessie brushed her fingertips through the short hair on Cam’s chest, and she found herself wondering what it would feel like against her breasts. As her heart rate returned to normal, she decided it was time to repay the favor. Moving until she was kneeling over Cam, Jessie bent down and gently kissed his lips. Looking into his eyes, she smiled. "Your turn now."

"Oh, yes ma’am," he said with a chuckle.

Despite her recent orgasm, her desire was quickly returning. Deciding to go with a bolder approach, she leaned in and kissed Cam, then took his hands and brought them up to her breasts, and she heard the hiss of his indrawn breath. His touch was gentle, caressing the soft mounds that filled his hands. Reaching around, he found the hook in the back that held her top on, and with a flick of his wrist he released it. Tugging on the tie of the skirt at her waist, he quickly stripped that from her, too. Leaning back, he took a long look at her. While she had been impressively sexy in the costume, she was magnificent without it. Her breasts were high and firm, soft pink nipples that stood proudly from the swell of her breasts. The curve of her waist was deep, then flared out into a very sexy rear. Her legs were long, the muscles firm from her training. Bringing his gaze up, he took in her dark hair, the chestnut brown highlighted by dark blond and copper streaks from the sun; beautiful light green eyes, and the sexiest mouth he had ever seen. In that moment, he realized exactly what a lucky man he was, to be given a chance to be with a woman like her. Brojorn was right; she was unique. Cam didn’t know whether there was a chance of anything beyond tonight; he hoped there was. But for right now, he was going to make the most of what time he had with her.

While Cam was busy looking at her, she took the time to study him as well. Those baby blue eyes were gorgeous, and probably could get him anything he wanted. Full, sexy mouth. Broad, well-muscled shoulders, soft hair on his chest, tapering into a narrow waist. Long, strong legs. And while he looked extremely hot in the black pants with his bare chest, she bet he would look even better naked. Not willing to wait any longer, she straddled him, kissing him thoroughly, her tongue exploring his mouth as he had done to her earlier. She kissed her way down his neck, nipping and gently sucking the skin as she went. Making her way down to his chest, she placed soft kisses, her tongue licking at his flat nipples, his hair tickling the end of her nose. Moving down further, she trailed moist kisses along the middle of his stomach, pausing while she took time to explore his belly button with her tongue, nibbling gently with her teeth. She smiled at the sounds coming from him, pleased that she was able to arouse him to that point. Finally, she reached the waistband of his pants, and with a tug and a pull, she unbuttoned them and lowered the zipper. Hooking her fingers in the waistband, she pulled both the pants and his underwear from his body, adding it to the pile of clothes at the side of the bed. Looking at him unclothed, her breath caught in her throat. What she had felt through his clothes could not have prepared her in any way for how he was naked. Fully aroused, he was very impressive; not only was he thick, but long as well, and she knew it would take a bit of work for her to accommodate him. But for right now, that would have to wait.

Cam looked down at Jessie, surprised yet pleased with her boldness in stripping him naked. When she moved between his legs, he opened them enough to let her kneel in between. Leaning in, she brought her mouth level with his erection, and he found himself holding his breath as she stopped, looking him right in the eye before she bent down, oh so slowly licking the length of him with the flat of her tongue. She did this several times, eliciting a groan from him. His groan was cut off, though, as she wrapped her hand around the base of his cock and took him between her lips, sliding him deep within her mouth and slowly sucking as she moved back to the head of his cock. "God, Jessie!" he gasped as his hips flexed with her stimulation. She repeated the motion, taking him deep, then a slow sucking pull, moving until she was nursing on the head of his cock. Her tongue rubbed insistently on the underside, flicking the sensitive ridge of flesh back and forth. Mitchell was incapable of speech at the moment. Between her hand and her mouth, she was quickly bringing him to the brink of orgasm. Just as he thought he was right there, she took her mouth from his cock and moved down to his balls, licking softly at the sensitive flesh while she squeezed the base of his cock, holding off his orgasm. Starting all over, she repeated everything just so she could hear that primitive groan come from deep within his chest.

Coming back up to the head of his cock, she licked it gently. "Cam?" she said softly. "Do you want to come in my mouth?" His cock hardened even more, and once again she squeezed the base, holding off his impending orgasm. Licking around the head of his cock one more time, she said, "Do you Cam?"

"God, yes Jessie!" came the strangled reply.

"Good," she murmured, "because I want you to come in my mouth. Would you do that for me, Cam?"

"Yes," was his hoarse reply as she took him in her mouth once again, moving up and down, slowly increasing the suction. Taking her time, she moved a little faster, a little deeper as she felt him grow harder and more swollen. When she felt he was almost there, she relaxed her throat and began taking him deeper in her mouth, the head of his cock hitting the back and sliding further still. Feeling his hips buck against her, she sucked hard, massaging the base of his cock with one hand while stroking his balls lightly with her other one as they tightened against his body. He came in her mouth, sliding into the back of her throat as she worked him, and she coaxed every last drop from his body.

If truth be known, Cam actually lost consciousness there for a few seconds. He had never had a woman take him willingly in her mouth knowing he was going to come. This was definitely a first, and it had his brain shutting down momentarily with the onslaught of sensations. He had started out being the one in control, but Jessie had surprised him and turned the tables. This woman probably had the ability to kill him—he was just starting to see a glimpse of the capacity of her passion, and he knew he wanted more.

It took him a few minutes to recover, and when he did, he found she was lying by his side, her thigh resting over the top of his, an arm draped over his chest. He moved until he was leaning over her, tilting her chin up until she was looking into his eyes. "Woman, where in the hell did you learn…never mind…I don’t care where you learned how to do that. It was fucking incredible."

Jessie felt herself blush. Whether it was from Cam’s praise, or hearing him say the "F" word, she couldn’t say for sure. "I didn’t learn it anywhere," she said, "I just did what felt right. I’ve never let a guy…come in my mouth before."

Now, Cam knew that rush of possessiveness he felt was wrong. He knew that Jessie should have the choice of being with whomever she wanted to be with. But right now, at this moment, he knew he would rip the balls off of any man that came within ten feet of her. He ignored the chuckling inside his head, knew where it was coming from. Instead, he turned his attention to Jessie, with every intention to finish what he had started.

Cam moved over Jessie until she was laying on her back beneath him. Slow, deep kisses began to stoke the fires once again. He began his own journey to her neck, nipping and nibbling the skin as he went, slowly working his way down to her breasts. He took them in his hands, his thumbs brushing up against her nipples, watching them as they tightened into hard little buds. Bending down he took one in his mouth, licking it with his tongue, nursing on it gently before he began to worry it with his teeth. Little moans accompanied his movements, her fingers threading through his hair, massaging his scalp. He moved to her other breast, paying it similar attention. He continued massaging her breasts gently as his mouth worked its way down her belly, his tongue tasting, teasing, probing. Once his mouth reached her curls, he brought his hands down and used them to slowly push her legs apart, exposing her completely to him.

Glancing down, she saw Cam looking up at her, his warm breath against her mons, just before his mouth closed over her clit. Geez! There had to be something wrong with an act that felt this good. Cam’s tongue was licking her with slow, exaggerated strokes. He would then switch to sucking on her clit, drawing it out slowly, nursing it just as he had done with her breasts. She knew what was coming, but it didn’t prepare her for the intensity of the sensation—Cam suckled on that swollen bundle of nerves, drawing it into his mouth. He then brought his teeth down oh so gently, trapping her clit in between.

Watching her, he began to lap at her exposed clit with the tip of his tongue—rubbing, nudging, massaging it as he had done with his fingertip earlier, his teeth keeping her in place until she was on the edge of another orgasm. He stopped just short of sending her over. He couldn’t wait any longer—he had to be inside her.

Jessie was damned near incoherent when she felt the bed shift and watched as Cam moved up, feeling the weight of his body settle over hers. She felt his cock between her legs, hot and heavy. He reached down and rubbed the swollen head against her, coating it with her juices.

Wrapping her arms around Cam, she brought his mouth down to hers, kissing him, tasting herself on his lips. Tilting her pelvis up towards him, she pressed against his cock. "Please," she whispered, offering herself to him.

Trying to control the rush of desire that was coursing through him, Cam gently kissed her as he flexed his hips, pressing against her. The pressure was intense. Regardless of the fact of how aroused she was, she was tight, and his erection was more than she was used to. He finally breached her opening, sliding in slowly while he used his tongue to mimic what he was doing below. He brought her legs up around his waist, angling deeper inside her body. Leaning back, he looked at this beautiful woman who lay beneath him, struggling to take him completely. "Relax, Jessie," he whispered against her mouth, softly kissing her lips as he gently moved within her body. "I’m not going to hurt you." He kept his thrusts shallow, giving her time to adjust to his body. Felt her relax, allowing him deeper access. Before long, he was fully sheathed within her body, and the sensations were incredible. He could feel the sweat trickling down the middle of his back, and he used his hand to wipe through the sweat that was beading on her skin.

Once she had relaxed, he began with slow, leisurely thrusts, alternating between shallow and deep. Taking his time, he drove her arousal higher and higher until she was moaning.

"Så goda." (So good.)

Cam raised his head and looked at her, finding her eyes closed as the sensations washed over her. He began thrusting deeper, three, four, five times, then went back to shallow thrusts.

"Behaga mer." (Please, more.)

Keeping his thrusts shallow, he said with a grin, "Jag älskar för att höra dig tigga." (I love to hear you beg.)

Jessica’s eyes flew open, the shock evident on her face.

Cam changed the angle, thrusting slow and deep again, then stopping. "Önskar du mer?" (Do you want more?)

She groaned.

"Berätta mig." (Tell me.)

She whimpered. "Behaga stoppar inte." (Please don’t stop.)

Rising up on his knees, he pulled her body up until she straddled him, his arms wrapped tightly around her. Directing his thrusts deeper, he said, "Do you feel me, Jessie? Between your legs, going deeper with each stroke?" A groan answered his question. "Such a sweet baby," he said as he held her close. "Will you take all of me, Jessie? Let me come deep inside your body?"

Jessie was so close. The sensations of having Cam inside her were intense. Just as her body fought against the intrusion, it craved more at the same time. Adjusting her position, Jessie leaned against him, forcing him deeper, her back arching as she began panting. "Please, Cam," she whispered, her legs starting to shake.

"Please, what?" he asked.

Looking into his eyes, she said, "I need you." She brushed her lips against him. "Please, I need you to fuck me."

At that point, nothing could have stopped him from complying with what she asked for. Moving her until she lay on her back, he began thrusting against her, slow, hard and deep. Jessie wrapped her legs around his waist, tilting her pelvis up until she was taking him completely within her body. He slowly increased the speed and force until he was holding nothing back. Jessie pressed against him, hungry for everything he could give her. She reached between them and nudged her clit with her fingertip once, twice, and the third time triggered her orgasm. Cam felt it as it began. He focused on driving as deep as he could, prolonging her orgasm, and in turn triggering his own. He pressed himself tightly against her as he came, buried deep inside, this ultimate act marking her as his own, even if they both didn’t realize it at the moment.

The sweat slowly dripped from their bodies, and the only sound in the room was their labored breathing. Cam lifted his body from Jessie’s, rolling onto his side and pulling her into his arms. They lay there for several minutes before either of them spoke.

Finally Jessie said, "I didn’t know you spoke Swedish."

Cam let out an evil chuckle. "There are a lot of things you don’t know about me."

Lifting her head, she grinned at him. "I like what I’ve found out so far."

Cam smiled, kissing her softly on the lips. "Same here."

Exhaustion finally took hold. Cam pulled the cover over them, and they fell into an exhausted, dreamless sleep wrapped in each other’s arms. Now was the time to sleep—they would deal with the aftermath in the morning.

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