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 A Storm of Shadows


Chapter 9



Akari was silent during their walk. In a strange way she reminded Jessie of Teal’c, which caused a rush of tumultuous emotions. Jessie couldn’t afford to lose it right then, so she pushed those thoughts to the back of her mind, focusing instead on keeping everything in check. It’d be kind of hard to make it back home if she ended up getting killed beforehand. All too soon Akari stopped in front of a door, taking a step to the side before activating the panel. The slightest inclination of her head was the only indication Jessie had that she was to enter the room. Given that she had no choice, she stepped inside.

The one thing confirmed right away was the fact that Goa’uld were characteristically gaudy. The room was done in black, blood red and gold…and considering it was a bedroom, it didn’t bode well for Jessie. The bed’s linens were done in a dark red satin, the bed concealed in drapes of black netting. The bed itself was done in a black lacquer with gold accents, a style that could only be described as a cross between macabre and gothic. The floor was covered with a carpet very similar to the long, fluffy fibers of a Greek flokati rug, the onyx color blending with the bed and draperies. Near the back of the room there was an area where the carpet transitioned to smooth stones, and what appeared to be a shower head was mounted to the ceiling. A double chaise lounge was set off to the side, the frame a metallic gold with a royal purple satin covering the surface. Everything about the room grated against Jessie’s senses, yet her attention was riveted to the occupants reclining on the chaise lounge…Lord Kutkh, along with a female slave, her deep black hair reflecting a bluish hue, reminiscent of a raven’s wing. The paleness of her skin further accentuated the contrast, along with sky blue eyes and porcelain pink lips. In a word, she was stunning…and at the moment, in Kutkh’s embrace. Her skin was absolutely flawless, an inescapable observation due to her garments, or lack thereof. A sheer black midriff top skimmed her breasts, the top itself a triangular shape due to it being gathered on a silver ring that looped around her neck, the bottom part tied around her back with a black satin ribbon. A matching ribbon created the sides of a g-string, with a delicate silver scrollwork setting against her tailbone. At least, Jessie thought it was a g-string, until the young woman moved off Kutkh, then she could see that there was no covering in front. A smaller matching scrollwork lay atop her pubic bone with a dangling crystal teardrop in line with her clitoris. Two tiny black satin ribbons ran down either side of her mons, effectively framing the swell of it. Kutkh was wearing a pair of black silk pajama pants that did nothing to hide his interest in his partner, and the blush that suffused Jessie’s face could have guided ships into harbor on a stormy night.

Kutkh watched the young woman’s reaction with amusement, his fingers stroking lightly over his consort’s shoulder. "Good evening, Miele," he said in his regular voice. He barely heard her whispered reply. Gazing at the young woman, he slowly raked his gaze over her, noting how her toes curled into the carpet with her nervousness. He was certain she had no idea the garment she wore was nearly transparent with the light behind her as it was. Looking down at his consort lying against him, he asked, "So, Samar, what do you think of my newest acquisition?"

Ice blue eyes assessed her with a guarded look. "She is pleasing, my lord."

With that, Jessie took a tiny step back, and was met with a low chuckle from Kutkh. Switching to his dual tonality, he replied, "Yes, she is pleasing. She is also a gedikli, and quite innocent. We don’t want to frighten her, now do we, my pet?"

The woman reached out and stroked her fingers over Kutkh’s abdomen, leaving no doubt of her possessiveness of him. "I do whatever pleases you, my lord," she said seductively, the tip of her tongue darting out to moisten her lips as she looked up at him.

With a smile he got up from the chaise, walking towards Jessie. She, in turn, began backing up. Stopping, he tilted his head to the side. "There’s no need for alarm, Miele; I’m not going to harm you." He extended his hand, palm up. "I just want you to come and sit in this chair."

Jessie followed his gaze, noting for the first time the chair several feet from the chaise. Heart pounding, Jessie hesitantly reached out and took Kutkh’s hand, which he tucked into the crook of his arm as a gentleman would. She tried to ignore the heat from his skin along with the way he was looking at her.

Settling her in the chair, he said, "Miele, this is Samar. She is one of my favored consorts."

Jessie shuddered slightly. Samar translated into ‘darkness of night’. Given the circumstances, the décor of the room and this Goa’uld, it felt like she had descended into the depths of darkness.

Standing between the two women, he continued. "Being a gedikli, you’ve been trained in erotica through literary means. I’ve come to realize, though, that actually employing the lessons you’ve learned can be a bit…daunting." He looked at Jessie, as if he were weighing his course of action before coming to a decision. "For tonight, you will just observe. Seeing what you have learned demonstrated in reality will prepare you for when it’s your turn." Reaching out, he caressed her cheek softly. "Knowing what to expect will make it easier on you."

At first Jessie had trouble wrapping her mind around what he was saying. Her nervousness was adding to her confusion, but it soon became all too clear to her exactly what he meant.

Walking back to the chaise lounge, he had Samar stand in front of him. Smiling at the consort he said, "You know the protocol for training, Samar." The slave pouted slightly, looking at Kutkh from beneath her lashes.

"As you wish, my lord."

With that, Kutkh reached out and slowly caressed the consort’s skin, stroking slowly from shoulders to wrists. When he reached around and drew his fingertips lightly down the middle of her back, causing her to arch her spine, Jessie’s eyes widened in horrified comprehension. ‘No’, she thought to herself, ‘there’s no way he’s going to…’ right before he drew Samar into his arms, giving her a slow, seductive kiss, parting her lips as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Jessie stiffened, glancing at the door in a panic. The idea that she was going to have to sit there and watch him have sex with Samar had her contemplating the unattainable—escape. His voice brought her attention back to him.

"Miele, you can either pay attention to the lesson, or I can take you now. The choice is yours."

Jessie held the arms of the chair in a death grip, unconsciously pulling her legs up and tucking herself tightly into the chair in a protective gesture. "I-I’ll pay attention, my…lord," she said in a shaky voice. The next couple of hours turned out to be the longest Jessie could remember experiencing. Having a live sex show going on just feet in front of her was not something she had wanted to experience. The threat of taking the consort’s place, though, had her in the chair, arms tightly wrapped around her knees, the white silk caftan effectively covering her in that position. That the consort took great pleasure from mating with Kutkh was obvious. It was also obvious that a Goa’uld made for an inexhaustible lover. By the end of their demonstration, Jessie had made up her mind—she had to get off that ship by any means possible.

Kutkh thoroughly enjoyed the pleasures that accompanied having a Tau’ri host, especially the vices. However, unlike Ba’al, he was considerate of the slaves he mated with, preferring giving pleasure rather than pain. Samar had been one of his rescues from Ba’al, and she had been most accommodating ever since. He knew this sense of gratitude far outweighed any jealousy she might experience from his ever-changing collection of consorts, hence he utilized her in training them. Kutkh kept a watchful eye on Jessie as he aroused Samar, although in reality very little coaxing was necessary before she was ready to be taken. Taking in Jessie’s posture, he came to the conclusion that the poor gedikli was absolutely terrified. It was definitely going to take a little more finesse in order to get her to relax and let down her guard.

After they were finished, Kutkh instructed Samar to rinse off and put on a caftan. Even in her present state, Jessie couldn’t help but notice the young woman’s beauty, especially as she stood beneath the gentle fall of the shower, the water sluicing down her body to the smooth stones beneath her feet. Kutkh picked up his discarded pants, pulling the fabric up over his taut hips before tying them securely.

He walked over to the chair where Jessie seemed to be frozen in place. Kneeling down on one knee, he rested his forearm on the arm of the chair, reaching out to twirl a strand of her hair around his finger. "Are you all right?" he asked softly.

Given the range of conflicting emotions Jessie was experiencing at the moment, she could only manage to nod her head slightly.

Spreading his fingers, he pulled them slowly through her hair, watching the light reflect off the copper highlights. "You’ll find that I always keep my word," he said as he continued to play with her hair, "although this has been the most tempted I’ve been to go back on it." He stared at her, his gaze coming to rest on her mouth. "There is one thing I require of you before I have Akari take you back to your room."

Going back to her room was the best thing she had heard all evening, and at that moment she would have agreed to almost anything in order to get there. Kutkh stood, pulling her to her feet as he did so.


The consort appeared at his side, a pale blue caftan skimming her curves, the ends of her hair damp from the shower. "Yes, my lord?"

"I believe Miele has witnessed enough for this evening. Before she leaves, though, I’d like for you to teach her the first lesson."

Jessie’s alarm grew exponentially as the young consort came to stand directly in front of her. Swallowing hard, she looked at Kutkh. "My lord?"

That mischievous look was back again, overlaid with desire, which was quite evident in more ways than one. "It’s all right, Miele. It’s just a kiss."

Samar reached out and gently caressed her cheek. "Relax," she said softly, stepping closer until their breasts just touched.

Although it was Jessie’s instinct to pull away, Kutkh had moved to where he was standing at their side, watching the interaction. She didn’t want to risk angering him and being subjected to God only knew what else that evening, so through sheer willpower she stood her ground. Jessie watched Samar as she closed the distance, feeling her mouth brush against hers lightly, before fitting her lips to Jessie’s. It was a strange sensation; the kiss had a softness to it that she hadn’t experienced before when kissing a man. She was trying to figure out what the difference was when Samar opened her mouth, using just the tip of her tongue to brush Jessie’s lips before retreating. It caught her by surprise and she gasped softly; and Samar took that opportunity to slip her tongue into Jessie’s mouth, just a taste, then deepening the kiss. Jessie was frozen in place, shocked by the young woman’s actions. Before she had a chance to react she felt Kutkh’s hand on her lower back, caressing softly, and Samar pulled away.

"Now, that wasn’t so difficult, was it Miele?"

The way the Goa’uld was looking at her, she truly wondered if he was going to let her go back to her room as he had promised. But beyond his hand on her back, he made no move toward her. She shook her head slightly in response to his question, not trusting her voice at the moment.

"We will continue your lessons at a later time," he said as he slid his hand down over the curve of her buttock before stepping back. "Samar, summon Tzili to join us. Miele, Akari will take you back to your room."

Jessie had never been so happy to see the servant appear as she was at that moment. It took a monumental effort not to run from the room, but she managed to match Akari’s pace, leaving Kutkh and his playthings behind.




Kutkh was many things, but stupid wasn’t one of them, at least when it came to women. He knew he had shocked Miele…more accurately scared her out of her wits. He was experienced enough to recognize the look of a trapped animal. He also enjoyed a challenge, and had already ascertained her Achilles heel. Before she had a chance to get herself into real trouble, he had already decided his next course of action.

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