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 A Storm of Shadows


Chapter 17

After Ba’al had departed, Jessie turned her attention back to Lord Kutkh and her determination to give him a taste of his own medicine, regardless of what it cost her. That she was completely unruffled by Ba’al’s interruption was a sign of her mental deterioration. With Huyana’s help she retrieved the mats Kutkh kept on hand for his group activities, the bed not being spacious enough at times. Once the pillows were added, it provided adequate room and cushion for whatever one could dream up.

Huyana made herself comfortable in her prior seat, commencing playing her flute while keeping a discrete eye on the others. Kaminari and Zillah took their places on the mat closest to her, while Jessie led Kutkh to the other mat. Once he was settled, she went to his ever present stash box and retrieved the pipe, packing the bowl tightly before bringing it and the lighter to Kutkh. Seeing Jessie’s subtle nod, Zillah got behind Kaminari, pushing her long, dark hair to the side before starting to gently massage her shoulders.

Jessie sat just behind and to the side of Kutkh, close enough to feel the warmth from his skin. Handing him the pipe and lighter, she reached up and ran her hand along his shoulder, skimming her fingers over the swell of his biceps. The only indication of his noting her voluntary touch was a sidelong glance before he lit the daninha. Watching as he took a hit, then she leaned in and whispered in his ear, "Hold it as long as you can." She followed this benign command by ever so lightly blowing in his ear.

Kutkh grinned at her actions, briefly wondering exactly what she had in mind. He didn’t have to wonder long; he felt her hands slide around him, her fingers teasing his nipples as she pressed her breasts against his back. "You know," she murmured, "I think that’s sweet of Zillah to give Kaminari a massage. But I’m sure it’s distracting, too, feeling her hands squeezing and rubbing her shoulders, thinking about how good those same caresses would feel elsewhere." The little minx dipped the tip of her tongue just inside his ear as she gave each of his nipples a quick squeeze, causing a definite reaction in his groin. Kutkh exhaled, the smoking hanging in the air around them. "If you look closely," she whispered, "you can see that’s exactly what Kaminari is thinking. Look at how hard those sweet little nipples have gotten, and Zillah hasn’t even touched her breasts yet."

He dropped his gaze to Kaminari’s breasts, finding the gold silk did little to hide her erect nipples.

"Why don’t you go give both of them a hit off the pipe?" Jessie suggested, before adding, "But, no touching."

Kutkh raised an eyebrow at her directive, but did as she asked. While his attention was focused on the two consorts, Jessie quietly rose and retrieved a couple of items she needed, placing them discretely behind a pillow next to the mat until it was time for them. After the consorts murmured their thanks, Kutkh returned to her side. Jessie took the pipe from him and placed it on the table, before continuing her erotic litany. "Even though Zillah continues massaging her shoulders, you know Kaminari is wondering when Zillah will slide her hands down a little further, teasing, growing ever closer to her breasts, which are aching from wanting to be played with." Kaminari leaned back slightly against Zillah, arching her back, what she desired now obvious. Zillah, however, continued to massage and stroke just the shoulders and partway down her arms, avoiding the little buds so prominently on display.

Jessie brushed her lips against Kutkh’s neck, licking a spot before nibbling lightly, her fingers continuing to flick and tug at his nipples. "By now, the ache has extended from her breasts and is starting to throb ever so slightly between her legs." Another nibble. "Do you want to see Zillah play with Kaminari’s breasts?" Jessie was surprised at the deepness of Kutkh’s voice when he simply said, "Yes." Boldly reaching down, she verified her suspicions—he was fully aroused. She gave an evil smile. She signaled the two consorts, and Zillah removed Kaminari’s top, leaving her bare from the waist up. The two women put on a good show, their interactions second nature from the many times they had gathered like this at Kutkh’s instruction. Jessie kept up a verbal diatribe, narrating the actions of the consorts, telling Kutkh how said actions felt, the sensations they created.

Kutkh was so engrossed with the two women playing with each other, Jessie was hesitant to ask them to interact with Kutkh just yet. Instead, she signaled Huyana, who settled on the other side of Kutkh. She and Jessie stripped their ‘god’ of his pants, and Huyana rested her head against his thighs as she began teasing his erection with her mouth. Soon, Zillah and Kaminari divested themselves of their garments, as did Huyana, Kutkh having been playing with her as she pleasured him. Jessie had Kutkh lay back, his head supported on a pillow. Jessie suggested that Kutkh return the favor to Huyana, guiding the consort up until she was straddling him, and he used his mouth to tease her sensitive flesh. Jessie then retrieved the item she had hidden behind the pillow. When she moved back into Kutkh’s line of sight, his gaze came to rest on the jar she held in her hands, and his ministrations slowed as she removed the lid from the unguent vessel.

"Given that there are so many of us for you to pleasure this evening, my lord, and wanting your experience to be…memorable…I think you’ll appreciate the benefits from this stimulant."

It took a second for what she was saying to fully register with Kutkh. The look he flashed her was not a pleasant one. "Miele…" he said warningly.

Jessie gave him an innocent look. "My lord? I only seek to give you a unique experience. Surely a ‘god’ can withstand a stimulant he subjects his consorts to." She then added in a slightly mocking tone, "We are merely women, while you are so much…more."

That he was displeased was evident. She had effectively backed him into a corner, and there was no way to extricate himself without looking like a coward…or worse. He relaxed back onto the pillow, turning his attention to Huyana once more. "Do as you wish," he said dismissively.

Jessie smiled as he proceeded to ignore her, busy eliciting moans from Huyana. Zillah and Kaminari were looking at her uncertainly, but Jessie could have cared less. She took Kutkh’s erection in her hand, pumping him slowly. Huyana had done a good job, but Jessie wanted to be certain he was fully aroused. She took him within her mouth, paying particular attention to the head as she sucked hard, her tongue keeping a rhythm all its own. Felt the muscles shift and tighten in his thighs as she did so. By the time she was finished, he was rock hard, twitching slightly from the stimulation. Dipping her fingers into the jar, she gathered a copious amount of the clear blue gel. Squeezing his shaft, she spread the cool substance over the corona of his cock, generously coating it as well as extending a few inches below, making sure to stroke her thumb firmly over his urethral opening, the motion pushing some of the gel inside. Replacing the lid, she returned the jar back to its place in the cabinet, making sure to wash her hands afterwards. It turned out the three other women had not experienced that particular ‘lesson’ from Kutkh, so she took a moment to explain how the unguent worked, quoting him verbatim. With their worried looks, she also reiterated to Kutkh that they had no part in planning the evening; everything happening was entirely her idea. No sense in giving in a false reason to punish them…the buck stopped with her.

The next several hours were interesting, to say the least. The unguent had similar effects on a male anatomy, with the head of his cock taking on a pronounced bulbous nature, clear fluid weeping from the urethra from the intense reaction to the unguent. Kutkh tried his best not to give any outward reaction to the sensations, but a closer look revealed minimal sweat beading up on his forehead and a tenseness of his body. "Are you all right, Lord Kutkh?" she asked with mock concern. "You look a little…flushed." He chose not to answer her.

After the requisite time interval had passed so as not to pass the unguent’s effects on to the consorts, Jessie proceeded with her final ‘lesson’. Starting with Kaminari, she coaxed the woman to tell Kutkh exactly how she liked to mate, what positions, the speed and intensity, and it was Kutkh’s responsibility to deliver exactly what the young woman wanted, until she was satisfied. Once he completed that task, it was Zillah’s turn, then Huyana. Surprisingly the unguent seemed to have a full effect on the Goa’uld, instead of being a muted one. As a plus, the time frame of the tortuous sensations lasted much longer for Kutkh than they had for her—whether that was a result of him being Goa’uld, or male, she had no clue. It wasn’t until Huyana that he finally spilled his seed, but only after she had been completely satisfied. Luckily for Jessie, Kutkh was in a state of exhaustion when all was said and done. In fact, she was the only one who was still clothed as the night came to a conclusion. Leaning over Kutkh, she whispered in his ear, "Now you know what it’s like being on the other end of the game. Maybe from here on out you’ll be a little more…considerate…in your interactions." Without asking his permission, she got up and left, going back to her room so she could sleep…in peace.

Whatever punishment Kutkh might have dreamed up for Jessie, or even his state of mind, was a question left unanswered for the time being. Akari woke her early the next morning with the news they were returning to Neowe. She, Akari and Candrima ringed up to the ship and were settled back into their original room within the hour. There was no sign of Ba’al or Kutkh, and for that Jessie was grateful. She was tired, a bone-numbing tiredness that had nothing to do with a lack of sleep. In fact, she had Akari look after Candrima just so she could crawl back in bed. At this point sleep was preferable to anything else that could happen.

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