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 A Storm of Shadows


Chapter 14

Jessie’s days and nights took on a paralyzing sameness, with her enduring daily attention from Kutkh. He seemed to have become fixated on having her at his side whenever possible, so much so that he even had her accompanying him to some of his meetings with traders and the like. She hated those times almost as much as she hated the evenings being subjected to Kutkh’s twisted imagination. The way the traders looked at her made her nauseous, and she did her best to blend into the background so as to escape unwanted attention. After a few weeks of this routine, she happened to be in Kutkh’s chambers, sorting through a basket of ribbons the women had used the night before, when Ba’al strode in. Making herself as unobtrusive as possible, she listened to them talking about an initial meeting Kutkh was arranging. Apparently this was one of the reasons Ba’al was keeping him around. Something about Ba’al wanting to obtain a weapon from this person, but the person didn’t trust Ba’al. There was a surprise, she thought wryly. It took every ounce of determination she possessed to keep calmly untangling the strands when Ba’al said he and Camulus always had problems getting along, but with a weapon of such purported power, he was willing to set aside old differences.



And unless he had found a new nifty weapon, the bastard still had the Destroyer…and he knew who she was. Just great. Could things get any worse? She took note that the first meeting was scheduled in a few days’ time.

That meeting occupied Jessie’s thoughts nonstop at first. She was going with the assumption that the Camulus they referred to was the Camulus she had crossed paths with—as far as she knew, there weren’t two of them. Initially she was worried Kutkh was going to ask her accompany him, but then she started weighing the odds. This wasn’t a ‘business’ meeting for him as far as trading slaves…this involved Ba’al. And surely Ba’al wouldn’t want any others around, especially slaves, as he tried to dicker for a weapon. She had in a sense put her mind at ease with these thoughts, but was about to find out how wrong she was.




What Akari had laid out for Jessie to wear didn’t even qualify as clothing. A smooth gold wire had been fashioned into an elaborate three-inch wide scrollwork, which was fastened about her hips as a sash might be. A bra with molded cups made from the same scrollwork completed the set. Neither garment had a hint of modesty by any stretch of the imagination. Attached to the sash scrollwork was a multitude of delicate chains, each ending in various sizes of crystals, a few larger, heavier stones placed strategically in front. Jessie had soon learned the function of such garments, having seen a variety of styles worn by Kutkh’s odalisques. When wearing the crystals and walking, the movement caused them to swing to and fro, tapping against the body. One wouldn’t think too much of such a minute movement, but when a female was aroused, those heavier crystals tapping rhythmically against a sensitized bundle of nerves was enough to drive one to distraction. Hence, the garments were just an extension of Kutkh’s control.

If there was one highlight to the evening, it was the fact that Jessie found Kutkh alone in his room when she joined him for the evening. At least that meant she would be spared from some of the more sordid fantasies he could dream up.

"Miele, come in." Kutkh was sitting in an overstuffed chair in the seating area of the room, filling the bowl of a small pipe with the contents from his ever-present stash box.

Keeping an eye out for any unexpected surprises, Jessie came to stand before him. In a detached manner, she found herself once again wondering about the host, watching as his intense blue gaze slowly raked her body. Wondered if he was helplessly trapped, observing the atrocities committed by his parasitic invader, or did he actively participate in them? Her thoughts were interrupted by the deep timbre of his voice.

"Beautiful," he murmured as he watched the light play across the sparkling crystals caressing her curves, smiling at the heavier teardrops that did little to hide the top part of her cleft. Reaching out, he moved the crystals out of the way, seeking her clitoris. Gave her an admonishing look. "You didn’t prepare yourself before coming here," he said, finding her in an as yet unaroused state.

"I was late in getting ready, and I didn’t want to keep you waiting, my lord." Truth be told, Jessie hated the way the crystals tapped against her when she was aroused, jarring her already frayed nerves. It would be one thing if physical release was imminent, but Kutkh had a nasty habit of keeping his women on the cusp of orgasm for hours, only allowing release if one pleased him appropriately. There were times he left them unfulfilled, and any report of them taking matters into their own hands without his permission resulted in swift punishment.

"Hmmm. That was very…thoughtful." He handed her the pipe. "Have some of this, and then kneel here," he said, tapping the wide padded armrests of the chair.

She resignedly took the pipe, lighting it with the lighter he handed her. Jessie mentally disconnected herself from her body, as it was the only way she could cope with what she was going through and remain sane. Took a hit, held it, feeling the tingling and relaxation that came from the daninha. Kutkh declined the pipe when she held it out to him, so she set it on the table instead before doing his bidding, steadying herself by grasping the back of the chair as she placed her knees on either armrest and hoisted herself into a kneeling position before him. Kutkh wasted no time, parting the crystals obscuring the baby smooth skin before leaning in and immediately starting to suckle her clitoris.

Jessie couldn’t contain her gasp. He was very skilled and knew how to get a response in the quickest way possible. Kutkh slowly increased the suction until he was nursing that little bud quite vigorously, using the tip of his tongue to nudge against the head of her clit, probing one side and then the other before flicking it back and forth. Her gasp turned into a moan, but she said nothing. Asking for anything, saying anything only led to extended erotic stimulation. The best course of action was to keep quiet and let him do as he wanted. After a few minutes of this attention, Jessie felt a change in his tactic. Looking down, she found Kutkh was watching her as he sucked gently on her clitoris, feeling it starting to swell from his ministrations. Not breaking eye contact, he probed her with his tongue, suckling until he had the head extended from its sheath. Using his teeth, he ever so gently raked them over the head before capturing it between them and giving her tiny nibbles on that most sensitive spot. He never did it to the point of pain, just an intensity of sensation that took one’s breath away. This continued on until he had her on the edge of orgasm. How he knew exactly how far to push a woman she could never figure out—it was like he had a sixth sense or something. When he was satisfied he had pushed her far enough, he released her. Her clitoris was swollen from his attention, distended just past her outer lips, and now was a prime target for the crystals.

"Much better," he said with a smile, licking his lips as he did so. "Now, I want you to go over to the cabinet, top left drawer, and bring me what’s inside."

Climbing down from her perch on the chair, Jessie went over and opened the top left drawer. Had to contain a gasp at what was inside. She carefully picked up the vessel, an elaborately decorated unguent jar. On the lid was a carved lion, and the sides had depictions of fighting animals on a background of cobalt blue lapis. From her brief examination she noted ivory, sheet gold as well as brightly colored pigments highlighting the designs, which included an inscription of the cartouche of a king. She had found an intact jar during one of her digs in Egypt, although the ravages of time had taken their toll on the jar. This one, however, had been protected, preserved, and was in pristine condition. Jessie’s fascination with the vessel was so great that for a moment she was oblivious to the crystals that tormented her when she walked.

Ever observant, Kutkh noted her rapt interest in the jar. "Do you like it?" he asked as she brought it to him.

"It’s beautiful," she said truthfully. "I haven’t seen…" She was about to say ‘one so well preserved’, but caught herself at the last second, finishing the sentence with "…anything like this before."

Kutkh held the jar in the palm of his hand, looking at the artistic details. "It is a little more intricately done than some of the others I possess." He carefully removed the lid, revealing what looked to be a thick, translucent blue gel. "I use this when a consort, such as yourself, comes to me unprepared." He scooped out a small dollop onto his fingertip. "It helps maintain a certain level of arousal."

Jessie had been so interested in the jar, she didn’t see the smirk on Kutkh’s face when he opened the lid. Only when he reached out, nudging her legs apart did she become suspicious. Very gently he stroked the gel over the hood of her clitoris, pressing his fingertip just below it and rubbing the gel beneath the swollen folds and over the head, covering it copiously. Getting a little more gel, he stroked it over her inner lips, and circled the opening to her passage. When he was done, he took the lid and replaced it, handing the jar back to Jessie. "Return it to the drawer."

Once again she took the jar, wishing she had time to thoroughly examine it. Wondered what other containers the cabinet might hold. As she placed it back in the drawer, though, she stopped. Noticed that the cool sensation from the gel had changed to a warmth. Closing the drawer, she turned, again stopping as the sensation morphed again, this time into more of a slight tickle. She found Kutkh staring at her, a sensual smile playing about his mouth as he crooked his finger at her, beckoning her. She took one step and froze as the crystals from the ‘skirt’ tapped against her mons, that tiny motion causing a vibration to ripple through her nether regions, the tickle becoming more pronounced as a pulsating warmth grew.

"Is there something wrong, Miele?"

Puzzled, she took another step and then gasped. The larger crystal had lightly struck her clitoris, sending a shock wave of pure sensation through her. Noted that the sensual smile had turned into an evil grin. "What…"

Eyebrows rose a fraction, hands held palms up in a gesture of innocence. "You apparently didn’t have time to follow the instructions I have set out. This is just a little something to help you. I’ve been told the sensation is pleasant—is it not?" Kutkh asked as he summoned her once more.

If she had thought the crystals were distracting before, whatever he had rubbed on her was making it ten times worse. Gritting her teeth, she walked back to him, noting that each step caused the pulsing sensations to grow, the tickling becoming more intense. By the time she was standing in front of him again, her hands were balled into fists.

"Now, you remember the rule of not touching yourself unless I tell you to, correct?" Watched as her toes curled into the carpet, trying to divert her attention from the throbbing between her legs.

"Yes, my lord."

"Good." Kutkh leaned back in the chair, stretching his legs out in front of him. "I’m a little thirsty, Miele. The pitcher of water is over there," he said as he pointed across the room. "Fill a goblet and bring it to me."

It took every ounce of willpower she possessed to make it across the room and back without ripping the crystals off. The sensations weren’t enough to achieve an orgasm from, but they damned near had her panting by the time she had done his bidding. When he got up and moved across the room to an armless chair, motioning for her to follow, she was tempted to tell him to go to hell. The tickling and throbbing were constant now, and she could concentrate on little else. And by the look on his face, Kutkh knew exactly what was happening to her.

"Are you all right, Miele? You look a little flushed," he said with mock concern. Reaching out, he unhooked the gold wire sash, removing the offending garment. The bra was discarded soon after. "So, is the unguent helping? I know how difficult and time-consuming it can be for you to carry out my instructions. Perhaps you would like to make this a permanent part of our repertoire?"

"No, my lord," she said in a tight voice, trying to ignore what was happening between her legs. "I humbly apologize for losing track of time, and not making myself ready for you. I will not make that mistake again."

"Hmmm," he murmured as he nudged her legs apart once again, looking at the results of his handiwork. Her clitoris was even more engorged than it had been before, the little pearl just peeking out from beneath the hood, hinting at her arousal. Her inner lips were flushed a hot pink, swollen, and slick with her juices. Reaching out, he traced around that sensitive bundle of nerves before probing gently, massaging the gel he had pushed beneath the hood over and around the head of her clitoris.

Jessie couldn’t contain the moan that escaped her. His touch fanned the sensation between her legs, making her crave more.

Pushing further, he slid his fingers over her lips, spreading the remainder of the unguent as he went, before sliding two fingers inside her, rubbing the residual into her passage. "Now," he said as he withdrew his fingers, "I want you to think upon your transgressions while you pleasure me with your mouth. Kree tal lok."

Gritting her teeth, Jessie knelt down between his legs as he slid the silk pants off. Keeping her knees spread apart slightly, she was very careful to keep her lower half as still as possible, since any movement amplified the stimulant. She found him semi-erect, and she carefully caressed and teased him as he preferred before taking him in her mouth. While he wasn’t quite as well endowed as Cam, Kutkh was knowledgeable enough of a woman’s body to know which positions provided the deepest penetration, which angles gave pleasure, while others bordered on pain. She suckled on his cock, grasping the lower half and pumping slowly in time to her mouth sliding up and down, feeling him grow hotter and harder with each passing minute. He didn’t seem to be in any hurry to get off, watching Jessie nurse on him, her hand in perfect timing with her lips and tongue. His voice was tinged with amusement when he spoke.

"In case you were wondering, the effects of the unguent last for approximately half an hour, sometimes a little longer depending on how sensitive one is to the ingredients. After about five minutes, though, the stimulant has been absorbed and cannot be washed off or transferred to your partner. As you have obviously discovered, if you remain still, the sensations become muted." He motioned for her to stand. "However, a little stimulation brings the level right back to where it was before." He stroked his fingers lightly between her legs, hearing her intake of breath as he did so. "So, have you learned something from this little lesson?" he asked, toying with her clitoris.

"Yes, my lord. I will not forget to follow your instructions again." The throbbing had returned, along with that damned tickling sensation.

Kutkh smiled. "Straddle me, but remain standing." He ran his hands along the outside of her thighs, reaching around until he was grasping her hips, positioning her just so. From this angle, he had an unobstructed view of her arousal. Keeping his touch feather-light, he stroked her swollen lips, over and around her clitoris and back again, just enough to renew and enhance the sensations "Funny thing about the unguent," he said as he rubbed his fingertip incessantly against the head, causing her legs to tremble. "You would think it would cause one to reach orgasm fairly quickly, or even repeatedly. Actually, the exact opposite is true. While the sensations are quite pleasurable, the unguent delays orgasm, keeping one on the cusp of release for quite a while. It’s an interesting little cycle; the unguent creates a pulsating, tickling sensation, which makes you want to touch, to rub, to stroke. The more you do that, the more aroused you become, which in turn makes the throbbing and tickling more intense, and so on. All the while orgasm is firmly beyond your reach, no matter how much stimulation you provide. Only after the effects of the stimulant start to wane is the body able to achieve release." Kutkh seemed very pleased with himself. "Go ahead and see for yourself, Miele; you may ride me."

For the next half hour, Jessie was on sensory overload. As much as she loathed it, she did as he said, sheathing him within her body, feet firmly on the floor while she grasped the back of the chair. It didn’t matter how slowly or quickly she moved on him, the stimulation remained at an elevated level, with no end in sight. Kutkh was more than happy to demonstrate what he had said was true—as she rode him, he stroked her, playing with her clitoris incessantly, the other hand teasing her breasts, gently tugging at her nipples. He even had her turn where she was facing away from him, the angle causing a deeper penetration, while both his hands were free to reach around and tease between her legs. Moving to the floor, he had her on her hands and knees as he took her from behind, before moving to the bed for a more comfortable place to play. True to his word, it was almost forty minutes after he had applied the unguent before she was able to attain her release, the orgasm having an enhanced intensity from the effects of the unguent as well as the extended stimulation.

Actually, Jessie was surprised Kutkh allowed her to have her release. Many times he would please himself, leaving her unsatisfied. Which overall was fine with her. When he did take it upon himself to bring her to orgasm, she felt her body was betraying her, degrading all that she held dear. The least interaction she could get away with, the better. This was one of the few times, however, that orgasm was a preferable ending. She made a mental note to do all she could to avoid a repeat of that lesson.

Kutkh lazily stroked his fingers over Jessie’s shoulder, watching as the young woman’s breathing returned to normal. He rolled onto his back, stretching, before saying, "Tomorrow in late afternoon I will be attending a meeting with Ba’al. I want you to join me."

Jessie lay very still, the one thing she had to avoid being thrust upon her. She was almost certain this was going to be the meeting with Camulus, and there was no way she could go with him and not have Camulus recognize her. Being out of options, she did the one thing that normally resulted in punishment for any of Kutkh’s women—she tried to change his mind.

"My lord, could I possibly skip this meeting?" Jessie watched as he turned a calculating gaze on her, but she had no choice. "There’s nothing for me to do while you conduct business."

"You’re attending because I desire it, not to have something to do."

"I don’t wish to be a distraction. Surely the meeting would go quicker without…"

"You will be at that meeting, Miele." The gentle inflection of his voice belied the threat it held as he got up from the bed.

Knowing there was one thing, and only one thing only that might get her out of this made her positively ill. She followed him out of bed, kneeling down before him in a gesture of obeisance. "Lord Kutkh, I did not mean to anger you. It’s just…the reason I ask is…I was planning something special for you, and I need time to get everything ready." She was fairly certain that would pique his interest, especially since she was reticent when it came to sexual play unless he had drugged her beforehand…or literally twisted her arm.

"Something special?"

"Yes, my lord."

Kutkh regarded the young woman kneeling so subserviently at his feet. He was definitely curious at her request, though he would never admit it. True, there would be no difference in her not being at the meeting, but he didn’t like his orders questioned. It opened up the possibility for further defiance, and that was something he would not tolerate. "Special enough to defy the wishes of your god?"

There were times when she questioned whether she was truly losing her mind, or at the very least developing a split personality disorder. Part of her wanted to jump up and slap the shit out of him, giving a lesson in snake anatomy 101 and taking his ego down a couple of notches. Another part of her was very afraid he would end up punishing her. And there was a difference between punishments and lessons—Kutkh’s punishments were rarely private. But when faced with her true identity being exposed, Kutkh was the least of her worries. That he was annoyed was obvious…how annoyed remained to be seen.

"My lord, I apologize if my request offends you. That was not my intention at all."

Kutkh stood there for several moments, staring at her, obviously weighing his options. Finally he held his hand out, helping her to her feet. "You should know by now I do not tolerate anything less than complete compliance with my wishes." He reached out and raised her chin up when she dropped her gaze to the floor. "However, since this is the first time you have shown an active interest in our interactions, I’m willing to overlook the infraction, at least until you have shown me what you have planned." Her look of relief caused him to smile, but the warmth didn’t reach his eyes. "Go now, before I change my mind." He stood with his hands clasped behind his back as the young woman quickly gathered her garments and left the room. While she was obedient in bed, and definitely more compliant when under the influence, Miele had not been one to initiate any encounter. Her sudden change of heart had him puzzled. Why now?

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