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A Shadow Past 


Chapter Two:

The clock ticked as time passed by, the day taken up by meetings and documenting the new artifacts one of the teams had brought back from P3R-233. There was also the task of adding the latest ‘non-information’ the Tok’ra had passed on—tidbits from their spies hidden amongst the Goa’uld, not to mention their continued fascination with the Destroyer weapon. They had expressed doubts early on about the weapon’s destruction in the ha’tak explosion, emphasizing the fact the debris field contained nothing from the weapon. It didn’t matter that Jacob/Selmak had witnessed the event; they were convinced it wouldn’t have just vaporized. Even the fact that Jessie was free of the nanites that had established her connection to the weapon didn’t sway their belief. As such, the Tok’ra’s quest continued twofold—searching for a possibly nonexistent weapon and trying to recreate the components in order to build a new one. Sam, however, had not been totally forthcoming with the full schematics, so the Tok’ra were no closer to developing an operational weapon than they were when they started.

At the end of the day, Jessie was still seated in front of the computer. Discovering several mistakes she had made in the translations from earlier in the day, she was in the process of making corrections, berating herself as she did so. "Stupid…idiotic…" she muttered.

"Working on the Tok’ra stuff again?"

Glancing behind her, Jessie saw Cam in the doorway, a grin on his face. "What?"

"I asked if you were working on the Tok’ra stuff. I figured that would fit in with ‘stupid’ and ‘idiotic’."

She shook her head. "No, just fixing something I messed up."

"You messed up? I find that hard to believe."

"Well, believe it. Stupid mistakes, too." She moved the mouse across the screen, clicked and saved the file.

"Are you finished?"

"Fixing the file? Yes. I still have to go through the notes Daniel made about the stuff that was brought back from P3R-233, get them documented, and there was the information General Hammond wanted for…"

Cam slid his hand beneath her arm, pulling her to her feet. "You’re done for today. It’s time to go home and get something to eat."


"No buts. You’ve been hitting it hard all day long. All week long, in fact. It’s time to take a break. Besides," he said, wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close, "we haven’t had any time together in almost two weeks. And, I already called in an order to the Lucky Dragon."

"You’re not going to take no for an answer, are you?"

"Nope. Those notes aren’t going to grow a pair of legs and walk off; they’ll be here tomorrow."

Jessie sighed. "I guess you’re right."

Cam frowned, turning her until the light illuminated her face better. It was then he noticed the faint purple smudges beneath Jessie’s eyes. "You feeling okay, Jess?" he asked as he looked at her more closely.

She rubbed her eyes as she nodded. "I’m just tired; haven’t been sleeping too good lately."

"That’s even more of a reason to call it a day." He gave her just enough time to shut down the computer before heading topside. By the time they swung by the restaurant, the order was ready and waiting, and it wasn’t long before they were sitting at his dining table, eating take out and sipping iced tea.

They talked about work, comparing notes and thoughts on the latest developments, how trustworthy they felt the Tok’ra were, etc. Watching and listening to her, Cam soon realized how tired she really was. When they were finished eating, he went in and turned on the shower.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked, following him into the bathroom.

"Going to get you in the shower, then tucked in bed."


"No, now Jess; you’re half asleep standing there." Cam couldn’t help but grin at her. Between her pout and the obvious exhaustion, she looked like a much younger version of herself.

"If I take a shower now and lay down, I’ll be out like a light."

"And your point is?"

Jessie’s pout didn’t go away. "I don’t want to be sleeping when we could be doing other things."

A mischievous grin lit his face. "Like what?"

"Do I really have to spell it out for you, Mitchell?"

That got a chuckle out of him. "You horny, Jessie?"

She crossed her arms over her chest, looking pointedly at his crotch. "And you’re not?"

Cam adjusted his pants, but couldn’t hide the evidence of his interest. "There’s just something about having you naked in my shower that gets me turned on, but that doesn’t change the fact you need sleep."

Jessie was about to utter a smart-ass comment, but to her consternation she yawned instead.

"I think that pretty much says it all. It’s bedtime for you."

Her eyes narrowed. "You sure about that?" she asked as she untucked her T-shirt from her pants, slowly stripping it off to reveal a pale pink lace bra that cupped her breasts perfectly. Cam’s lips parted, but there wasn’t a sound as she unbuttoned and unzipped her khaki pants, sliding them over her hips, the matching pink lace panties coming into view.

"You need sleep," he repeated, his voice slightly strained from his arousal.

"That’s not the only thing I need," she retorted as she kicked off her shoes and stepped out of the pants.

When he turned and walked away, Jessie thought he was going to refuse her. She dropped her gaze to the floor, the combination of exhaustion, stress and desire pushing her to the point of tears. But the dimming of the lights brought her head up in surprise. Cam turned off the shower, and then came to stand in front of her.

Reaching out, he ran his hand over her hair, gently threading the silken strands through his fingers until he touched the back of her neck. "Stubborn woman," he whispered as he cupped her cheek with his other hand. Leaning in, he slowly brought his mouth to hers, watching as he closed the distance, tasting her with a soft sweep of his tongue. It always amazed him how quickly she responded to him, her sweet nipples tightening in anticipation of his touch. He kissed her thoroughly, cradling her head in his hands as he did so, smiling at the little sounds she made as she became aroused. Mindful of her weariness, he wanted to keep their lovemaking brief, giving her just enough to satisfy. He’d make it up to her when they were both well rested.

He found himself wanting to watch her, noting that with her fatigue, her reactions were less guarded. Pushing her hair back, he pressed his lips to the side of her neck, the tip of his tongue feeling the rapid dance of her heartbeat as he ran his hands down her back, pulling her closer to him. It wasn’t long before he felt her fingers working on the buttons of his shirt, the warmth of her hands as she pushed it off his shoulders and down his arms. Yep, she was definitely less guarded as he felt her grab his ass, her hands squeezing gently as she rocked his pelvis against hers. She skimmed his skin with her fingers, stroking his sides and lower abdomen before lightly dragging her fingernail through the line of hair that disappeared beneath his waistband. Cam felt the button give way, the scrape of metal on metal as Jessie lowered the zipper on his pants.

Jessie was so intent on unfastening Cam’s pants that she was unaware of him reaching behind her, taking a thick towel from the towel rack. She frowned slightly as he brought it between them, folding it in half before draping it over the edge of the vanity. Understanding dawned when he turned her to face the mirror, pressing gently on her shoulder until she was leaning over the countertop, the towel cushioning the hard stone. Jessie could only see Cam from the waist up in the mirror, but knew from the look in his eyes and the movement of his arms when he divested himself of his pants. She felt his fingers slip beneath the top edge of her panties, sliding them slowly over the curve of her ass, watching her in the glass as he did so.

He caressed her hips, drawing an invisible pattern over the soft skin, moving down until he was stroking her thighs, teasing her until she voluntarily spread her legs. Stepping forward, he moved to where he was just barely touching her with the head of his cock, closing his eyes when he felt how wet she was. Reaching out, he slid his hands around the sides of her hips, his fingers curving around her hipbones, holding her in a gentle grasp. For a brief second he could have swore he felt her tense up, thought he saw a change in her expression, but attributed it to the dim light and his imagination when she placed her hand over his in a soft caress. Cam pulled her hips toward him as he leaned into her, blue eyes meeting green as her sigh of pleasure broke the silence. It was a slow penetration, a subtle rocking of his hips that caused her to press back against him. He reached around and cupped her breasts, his fingertips teasing her nipples through the soft lace.

Jessie felt Cam release the front hook of her bra, freeing her breasts. With a low growl he leaned over her completely, his chest covering her back as he rested his elbows on the towel-covered vanity, his hands taking up a gentle massage of her breasts while he maintained a lazy rhythm with his hips. Their eyes met in the mirror as they pleasured each other, Jessie matching his thrusts, ignoring for the moment her desire to increase the speed. Cam kissed the angle of her jaw before tugging lightly on her earlobe with his teeth.

"Is this what you want, Jessie?" he murmured as he caught her gaze in the mirror. Penetrating a little deeper, he asked, "Does this feel good?"

"Yes," she answered in a hoarse whisper.

"Worth losing sleep over?"

"Oh, yeah," she groaned as she pressed more fully against him.

Cam pulled her away from the vanity a little, giving him just enough room to slip his hand between it and Jessie, his fingers searching for and finding her sensitive little clit. He circled it lightly with his fingertip, giving her just a taste of that pleasure before whispering, "Touch my hand."

She looked at him in the mirror, and he could see the slight hesitation. Stroking that little nub from the base to the tip, he leaned her back a little further. Kissing her ear, he dipped inside briefly with the tip of his tongue. "Reach down, Jessie."

Leaning her weight on her left arm, she did as he asked, touching his forearm. Her fingers caressed the coarse hair, sliding down until she encountered the back of his hand, her fingers coming to rest on his knuckles.

Nudging her ear with his nose, he teased the swollen bud with the pad of his finger. "I want you to touch here." He watched as she bit her lip, but then did as he asked, her fingertip touching his hesitantly before touching herself.

"Good girl," he murmured as he placed his finger on top of hers, guiding hers in a slow rhythm, showing her how he wanted her to pleasure herself.

"Just like that," he whispered as he withdrew his hand, grasping her hips once again. Cam saw the uncertainty in her expression, so he stroked his hands over her hips in a soothing gesture. "Do you have any idea how much that turns me on, knowing what you’re doing, knowing you’re pleasuring yourself while we make love?" He heard her groan low in her throat, but even more he felt the answering spasm in her tight sheath, the quiver that let him know she was close to orgasm. His thrusts became rhythmic and deep, intent on drawing out that pleasure.

She moaned his name as her eyes closed. "I’m so close."

"Hmmmm." He leaned over her, wrapping his arms around her in a sweet embrace, nuzzling her jaw until she turned to him, kissing him as his strokes became more intense, his purpose clear. "Don’t stop stroking yourself. Keep in time with me."

She couldn’t answer him; her orgasm hit hard, taking her by surprise and causing her to cry out. Cam kept a steady rhythm, but feeling her body tighten down on him in waves, it didn’t take him long to reach his peak, either. He gritted his teeth against the intensity of it, an almost pleasure-pain as he pumped his seed into her body. They stayed locked in their embrace, time standing still momentarily as they waited for the sensations to subside.

"Damn," he said, the word muffled against her shoulder.

"Yeah," she said, a little breathless.

Feeling a tremble run through her legs, Cam moved off Jessie, pulling her against him into an upright position. A mischievous twinkle in his eyes replaced the intensity of a few minutes prior. "Now can I get you into the shower?"

Jessie gave a sheepish grin. "I guess."

Turning her in his arms, he shook his head as he kissed her softly. "How do you manage to make me toss my best intentions aside every time?"



"Yeah, but you love me."

"Yes, I do," he replied as he steered her towards the shower.

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