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A Prophecy of Shadows...by Lisa A. 



I don't own 'em. Not making any money off of them. All story ideas are original.

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Cam and Jessie make a life-changing decision, while Thoyetlini’s prophecy continues to come true. Will the second shadow be strong enough to break the link between the wolf and the raven? 


Story Category: Drama/Angst


A/N:  These stories are set in an alternate reality.  While many elements of canon remain the same, the timeline and events have been altered to fit this reality.

A special thank you to Robin, who not only allows me to borrow her OC on a regular basis for my stories, but also contributed to some of the scenes involving her OC.  Thanks, girlfriend!



Stargate SG-1...

Col. Cameron Mitchell
Dr. Daniel Jackson
Col. Jack O'Neill
Maj. Samantha Carter
Staff Sgt. Walter Harriman
Dr. Janet Fraiser
Wendy Mitchell

Original Characters…

Dr. Jessica Watson
Maggie Watson
James Watson
Calandra Jones
Virginia Atkins, aka Aunt Ginger
Charlene, friend of Maggie and Jessie
Jacelyn Eileen, Charlene’s daughter
Dr. Cabellero
Lori Hunter
Melanie, friend of Casey
Ariel, friend of Casey
Thoyetlini, Shaman from Nahane

Special appearance by Casey Jackson





No copyright infringement intended.

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