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One year earlier…


Casey poured a cup of coffee. "So the whole team is just...kaput?"

Jack grinned. "Something like that. Transfers happen, Radar."

"And this time, it just happens to be an entire team?"

"Well, two of the members are rotating out of service. They want to spend more time with their families."

"I can understand that," the slender blonde murmured. The men and women assigned to SG teams were often gone for days, sometimes even weeks at a time. Home life was difficult at best...impossible if there wasn't a loving, understanding spouse keeping the home fires burning.

"And Colonel Olanski is being transferred and promoted. He'll be a full bird colonel," Jack said.

"So, what are you going to do about this?"

"I have someone in mind. He's a damned good pilot. Good skills, has the common sense and a level head to keep his cool in the worst situations." He slid a folder across the desk.

She smiled. "Ah. You want me to take a look, see if he's the right man for the job."

"If you can handle it," Jack teased.

Casey blew a raspberry, then shuffled through the sheets of paper in the file: service record, evaluation reports...very impressive! She checked the personal pages, studied the attached photograph of one Colonel Cameron Mitchell. Cute. Nice smile. Not as nice as Daniel's of course...A flash of light, and she closed her eyes. Information dump. She sorted through the images, the feelings...


"Do you have the file on the archaeologist Daniel requested?" she asked softly.

With a nod, Jack searched for, located and handed the manila file folder to the waiting seer.

She bit back a gasp when she opened it. On top was a candid photo taken of the woman, who had probably had no idea anyone was around, much less photographing her. She was beautiful! So this was the woman Daniel had considered the little sister he had never had. Her skills and degrees were certainly as impressive as his. Well, almost, she thought with a smile. She picked up the colonel's file again. "He's the one," Casey said softly. "I'd leave it up to him when it comes to building up the team...well, Doctor Watson should be on the team. He needs her."

Jack raised an eyebrow.

"She's second only to Daniel in being the best archaeologist the SGC has. This team could be the team you've been wanting, Jack. Someone to take the load off of SG-1. A team capable of doing what we do, just as well as we do. Get the right people together, and you could have another SG-1." She wouldn't say out loud that the two people of whom they were speaking were fated to be together. Destiny, as bright as what had brought Daniel into her life. 

The general nodded. "I like that idea. It would help to have two teams with the same...capabilities. The other teams are damned good. Not a better group of men and women around," he added quickly.

"I know that, Jack," Casey assured him quietly. "Each team has their own special...abilities. But only SG-1 has that...magic. Building a new team...it's an opportunity. A chance to create that...magic...again."

"Okay, I'll get the transfer put through." Jack looked up at where Casey sat, perched on the corner of his desk. "I take it that this Doctor Watson will be able to handle being trained for an SG team?"

Casey giggled. From what she had seen, the woman was going to be a dynamo. "Oh, yeah."

He nodded. "Okay. I'll have them here by the end of the week."

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